Saturday, March 21, 2009

Today's new thing learned

There are 15 states in this country that don't explicitly outlaw bestiality. Link 3 states only outlawed bestiality in the last 3 years according to this story. I had, wrongly as it turns out, assumed that bestiality bans were pretty universal in this nation.

Alaska and Florida are considering enacting bans. What about the other 13 states?


Meryl said...

I don't even want to know how that question got started.

And along the topic of weird things lawyers talk about...I think Ryan and I single handedly (double handedly?) killed a three-kegger last night....not really, but we scared everyone away from the beer for a few minutes at least!

S said...

Ok, I wasn't looking for that information. I just saw the headline and had to read the story.

lu said...

and people are worried about two people of the same sex getting married?! and some think that it will lead to people wanting to marry animals?! well, apparently that is already a lot closer than they realise and it has nothing to do with gay marriage!

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