Monday, March 23, 2009

Random nuggets

1) I made a prosecutor really angry today. It was awesome. I don't quite understand why they take it as some sort of personal affront when we zealously advocate for our clients and honor that continuing duty of loyalty we always have. They also seem to have a particularly difficult time with admitting mistakes. As a defense attorney, I don't have that luxury. If I make a mistake, the only ethical thing I can do is admit it and try to fix it. I guess my karmic reward for standing up in court and admitting I made a mistake is the angry prosecutor.

2) It's very, very windy today. I do not like wind. As a Kansan, of course, I am not afraid of tornadoes and I always enjoy a good thunderstorm, even with heavy wind. But I cannot handle strong winds on an otherwise normal-looking day. It's 70 degrees, the sun is shining. There is no need for 30 mph wind gusts. It makes me a little crazy. It makes me understand how people must have lost their minds during the Dust Bowl or how the Santa Ana winds can cause mental breakdowns.

3) My flash drive is not cooperating with my home computer. This is not good. I really, really need my flash drive, which contains all of the work I have done on my biggest, hugest case, to function. I need to be able to take it from work to home and back again. I do not want to have to resort to e-mailing myself drafts of things before I leave work at night and then e-mailing it right back to work the next morning. I do not want to have to keep track of lots of different versions, making sure to remember which is the most updated or edited version. I just want my flash drive to work properly. Now is definitely not the time for it to act up.

4) The Jayhawks are back in the Sweet Sixteen and the basketball writers association named Bill Self its national coach of the year. Considering that this raw, inexperienced squad is a totally different team from last year's championship team, I am thrilled with how well they've done and how far they've progressed this year. That being said, though, there's no reason for them to stop achieving now. As Bill Self says, "If you're going to play the game, you might as well win." So, Jayhawks, you might as well beat MSU in the rematch. And you might as well win the game after that to make it back to the Final Four.


lu said...

1 - this is what i imagine being a lawyer to be, fighting for the rights of the accused and sticking it to the man! although i am sure it is a lot less exciting than that paragraph would have me believe.

but i love the feeling that you have described!

2 - i am no fan of the wind either and am starting to get ear aches because of it.

S said...

I like to point out that I am paid by the man to stick it to him.

Or paid by the machine to rage against it.

Either way, it's a delightful way to make a living!

Language Lover said...

Interesting, this idea of self-injury. Most states seem to need therapy for some reason or another.

How big a flash drive do you need? They're really really cheap now, you know. I say, if it refuses to work, fire the sucker. You know, like we should have done with the AIG execs?

Anonymous said...

Quite striking old chap...makes my tiny abode in Ambleside look like it needs additional rustification and a visit by our venerated Wordsworth. Thanks!

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