Sunday, March 29, 2009

At long last, here is a picture of the blanket I knitted for my dear friend who just had her first baby. Harley-Babe, as we nicknamed her back in college, is herself a knitter and likes homemade gifts, so I knew she was a good choice for my first big project. I assume H-B 2.0 (the baby's pre-birth nickname) will share her mother's tastes.

I chose a complicated pattern, though I didn't realize it at the time. The final product was actually my second attempt. Tragically, the first blanket unraveled before my eyes around row 17. In the end, though, I'm glad I started over because there were some flaws that were bugging me. I was able to correct some of the mistakes I had made the first time around.

I have so much left-over yarn, I am now working on a series of knitted baby blocks to coordinate with the blanket. I may have to make another baby blanket soon, but I think it's a good bet my next blanket pattern will be much simpler!


Patricia said...

That looks very complicated to my untrained eye. Go you! H-B 2.0 is one lucky girl!

S said...

Once I got into the pattern, it went pretty quickly, but there were a lot of logistical issues. Except for the first and last 7 rows, this blanket is worked with 6 skeins of yarn. Keeping all those threads straight was tricky.

SO will tell you that the other project heading to the mail today looks "awesome." I, of course, see all the flaws, but I'm hoping the recipient won't.

Heather said...

Its adorable!

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