Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Every fabulous girl needs fabulous accessories

Today is the birthday of a very special big girl. Once upon a time, two of my very favorite people got married to each other. (In case I never said it, N&P, thanks for letting me be a part of that day!)

Six years ago today, those two had a sweet, little baby girl. Now that she's 6, we can't really call her a little girl anymore. In honor of her transition into big girl status, her (newly) very crafty Auntie Sarah decided to knit her a purse. Purple, of course. It's personalized, too, with her name spelled out in silver beads on the flower.

Like any big girl, I'm sure she has lots of very important, private items to carry around. If she is her parents' daughter, she will want to carry a book around with her. Maybe a little lip gloss. A Hello Kitty pen and notepad. Definitely some stickers. And maybe one stuffed cat named Gigi (I think that's it's name).

Happy Birthday, big girl!


Meryl said...

This ended up so cute! I take it you got the lining in OK?

S said...

The lining is passable. Not great, but no one can see the rough edges. I probably should have sent the extra thread along with it in case touch-up sewing needs to be done down the line.

Patricia said...

I'm in denial about having a big girl, but I think even little girls deserve fabulous Auntie's who make them fabulous purses. Thanks again!

S said...

We can't possibly be old enough for you to have a big girl! I hope you get that package today. You should.

BTW, don't put it in the washing machine! It can probably handle a gentle soak. It can definitely handle dabbing with a wet cloth.

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