Monday, March 17, 2014

The Inexplicable Case of Russ Faria

I shouldn't watch Dateline and 48 Hours. The cases featured on those shows all too often feature way too little actual evidence and way too many claims the defendant "just didn't act right." The prosecutors often make outrageous closing arguments that would be considered misconduct in my jurisdiction. Either a detective or prosecutor almost always describes the defendant as pure evil, cold, the most heinous, awful, odious person ever. (They can't all be the most evil killer ever.) More than one episode has involved a trial over a death that probably wasn't even a crime. And yet the defendants are almost always convicted, which just makes me mad. So I really shouldn't watch. But I do.

Friday's episode of Dateline may well have taken the cake in terms of head-spinning, blood-pressure-rising insanity. In Lincoln County, Missouri, Russ Faria was convicted of the murder of his wife even though he had an alibi established by two gas station security cameras, cell phone towers, an Arby's receipt, and four witnesses who were with him all evening.

It all began on a regular old Tuesday evening. Russ went to hang out with his gaming buddies, as he often did on Tuesday nights. He stopped to get gas. Then later, he stopped at a second gas station to buy drinks. Hung out with his friends for a few hours, watching movies instead of playing their usual games. Left around 9, stopped at Arby's, then arrived home around 9:40 pm. That's when he made the frantic 911 call to report that his wife appeared to be dead.

Betsy had been stabbed multiple times, with the final wound being to her neck, where the knife remained. In his panic, Russ told the 911 operator that he thought his wife had killed herself. Naturally, police immediately looked to the husband. The nature and number of her stab wounds suggested the kind of overkill that usually indicates a crime of passion by someone who loved the victim. Then with that odd comment about suicide, it was expected the police would look at Russ.

It didn't hurt that Betsy's closest friend, Pam Hupp (remember that name), was telling them all about the troubled Faria marriage. Including the "game" she says Betsy told her about, where Russ would hold a pillow over Betsy's head and tell her that's what it would feel like when she died. Other friends talked about Russ being immature, a little cringe-worthy at times, but none corroborated Pam's pillow story.

It definitely made sense to look at Russ. They also had some of Betsy's blood on a light switch and on Russ' slippers in the bedroom. Made them sure he must have done it. No other killer, apparently, was capable of touching that light switch or those slippers.

He gave a pretty detailed accounting of his night, so lots for the police to check out. They checked first one gas station and then the next. Sure enough, he was seen on security cameras at both stations, in the (blood-free) clothes he was wearing when emergency responders arrived at the scene of the crime. The game night friends all confirmed Russ was there from around 6 until 9. An Arby's receipt confirmed that purchase, at an Arby's about 30 minutes away from his house. Thus, making the timing of his 911 call entirely appropriate. And throughout it all, Russ' cell phone was pinging off towers right by that friend's house, not by his own.

Now, cell phone tower pings aren't conclusive evidence of a person's phone's location. Cell phones generally connect to the closest available tower unless that one is busy, then they go to the next closest, and the next closest, and etc. Depending on how busy the cell phone towers right by my house are, my text or call can go through a tower farther away from my house without me leaving home. But if for several hours your phone is consistently pinging off that tower right by your friend's house, it's pretty likely that your phone really was close to that tower for that chunk of time.

With an alibi so thoroughly backed up with security cameras, receipts, cell phone towers, and 4 honest, reliable citizens, one might expect the police to think, "Dang, this isn't our guy." Or at least, "If he did it, he hired somebody."

But, no. They doggedly stuck with Russ Faria being their guy. They still said his initial comment about suicide was suspicious. (Did I mention that Betsy had terminal cancer?) They still insisted his hysterical crying on the 911 call and at the station that night was suspicious. (Of course! The "he didn't act right" theory is alive and well.) They still insisted this was a rage-filled, crime of passion that could only have been carried out by someone who loved her and flew into a blind rage. They insisted his alibi was "too" good. Two gas stations? Someone really wanted to be seen! (Or someone needed to buy gas right away and then wanted a cold drink after a 30 minute drive? Or someone has a gas rewards card at one station, but that one doesn't carry his favorite drink? Really, for the purposes of putting yourself 30 minutes away from your house, one gas station security camera is plenty.)

So they went with a completely cockamamie story that defies all logic.

They decided that Russ Faria got gas at the one gas station, bought drinks at the second one, drove to his friend's house, left his cell phone there, got these 4 decent people to lie for him, drove home, stripped naked, had sex with his wife (she had some of her husband's sperm inside her, obviously suspicious), then killed her. Then he showered and re-dressed, somehow getting blood only on his slippers. While one of the friends brought his phone back, carefully stopping at the Arby's drive-thru on the way.

So many problems with this theory, of course. The semen in the victim isn't evidence of anything except that the marriage was, um, functional. It was a relatively small sample, consistent with Russ' story that they'd last had sex on Sunday night. (Semen can survive for 72 hours.) I've never seen any reference to the victim being unclothed in any way, which kinda hurts the sex claim. The sex claim by the prosecution was just silly on every level and totally gratuitous. Gratuitous claims are usually the hallmark of a weak case.

Then there's the spurious (and despicable) accusations against Russ' friends. For this story to be true, all four of them had to be part of a murder conspiracy. They would all four have made themselves at least accessories after the fact. The friend who is supposed to have brought the phone to Russ' house and made the Arby's stop is a downright murderer by legal standards. And a fool, because I wouldn't take the risk of going through a drive-thru. At the very least, you're setting up a witness who might remember the guy who picked up two sandwiches at 9 pm. At worst, though, there could be security cameras on that drive-thru. Don't a lot of drive-thrus have cameras? So the people inside the restaurant can see the cars? Wouldn't one think it likely (or at least quite possible) that the feeds from that are recorded, as security camera footage usually is? So that's taking quite a risk that there won't now be evidence of your car or your face being connected to that Arby's receipt. Not to mention, how many people really have 4 friends who would all as a group stick together and lie to help a person get away with murder? Not one of those friends would crack and turn state's evidence against all the rest of them, out of fear that if he didn't, one of the others would? Let me assure you, it would be the rarest of rare 5 person murder conspiracies to have all 5 people stand firm and not one crack and take a deal.

Of course, it doesn't seem like any deals were necessary because none of those 4 people have ever been charged. Probably because deep down in places the prosecutors don't talk about at parties, they know perfectly well that their conspiracy story is utter bunk.

Oh, and then there's the thing that made the police suspect Russ the husband in the first place. The murder was a crime of passion, they said. It was so overdone, the kind of thing that only happens when someone flies into a blind rage against someone he loves. But this story they've concocted is as premeditated a murder plan as they come. So which is it? Crime of passion? Or complex, premeditated conspiracy? Really, if you were going to give yourself this great alibi, wouldn't you make a little effort to make the murder look like a burglary or something?

At this point, I hope you can all see that the state's case is nuts, logic-defying, and, btw, gravely insulting to 4 innocent, never charged persons who did nothing to deserve having their reputations sullied thusly.

And I haven't even gotten to the best part yet.

Remember Pam Hupp? (I did tell you to.) She's the friend of the victim who oh-so-helpfully told the police all about how awful the Faria marriage was and how Russ played the murder game, etc. and etc. and etc. Funny thing about Pam Hupp. Guess who was the beneficiary of Betsy Faria's life insurance policy? Her husband? Nope. Her minor children? Nah. Mother? Sister? Don't be silly. The beneficiary of Betsy Faria's life insurance policy was: Pam Hupp! To the tune of $150,000.

Apparently, Pam got Betsy to switch over her life insurance just days before she died. Pam swears it was for the kids, because Betsy didn't trust Russ to be responsible with the money. But funny thing, she apparently shouldn't have trusted Pam, either. Just prior to trial, the detective who was going over her trial testimony with Pam told her she really ought to set up a trust for Betsy's kids, as that would look better to the jury. Give credence to Pam's claims that the insurance transfer was legit, meant to protect Betsy's children (who so far hadn't seen a dime). Pam swore she would. But as of the Dateline episode, the family members who now have the children still hadn't heard word one about a trust.

So it would seem Pam might be someone to look at, just based on motive alone. But there's something else you might want to know. Guess who was the last person to see Betsy Faria alive? I'll save you the trouble: it was Pam Hupp. Pam drove Betsy home that evening, well after Russ was at game night. Pam had some trouble remembering whether she came inside or not, whether Betsy walked her to the door or not, etc. She made a call to Betsy that Betsy didn't answer. This call was ostensibly to let Betsy know Pam had gotten home safely. But it went through the cell tower right by Betsy's house... Raising the notion that the phone call was a fake because not calling would make it seem like she already knew Betsy was dead.

Now for the real kicker. The jury didn't get to hear anything about the insurance, meaning Pam's possible motive for killing Betsy. The district court ruled it inadmissible, citing this odd old rule that a defendant can't introduce circumstantial evidence of a third party's motive for committing the crime without having some evidence to tie the third party to the actual crime. Kinda makes it hard for a defendant to create reasonable doubt if the defendant can't point to all the other people who might have had a reason to commit the crime, no?

Missouri is actually not alone in having this prohibition against SODDI evidence. (SODDI = some other dude did it.) Mercifully, Kansas has largely abandoned the prohibition, though. But we already knew Kansas is way better than Missouri. I digress.

Regardless of whether the SODDI prohibition is valid, though, the district court blew it on this one, for two reasons. First, there is direct evidence to connect Pam Hupp to the crime: she was at the crime scene around the time of the murder. She dropped Betsy off sometime around 7, the first missed phone call was around 7:20, and emergency responders arrived after 9:40. They noted signs that Betsy had been dead for some time (as in 2-2 1/2 hours). So Pam was at the crime scene at the right time. I've got a lot of clients in prison who were told that was plenty to connect them to a murder. So even under the SODDI rule, the insurance evidence should have come in.

The thing that has always bugged me the most about this SODDI rule, though, is that circumstantial evidence is more than enough to prosecute someone. If a prosecutor charged Pam, that prosecutor would have no bar at all to introducing all that stuff about Pam.The prosecution can present whatever cockamamie theory they can come up with, then say because this is their theory, the defense can't present this other sensible information.

The insurance evidence should have come in for a separate reason, though. Cross-examination is supposed to be a wide-ranging opportunity to question the credibility of the witness against the defendant. Pam was a pretty key witness for the prosecution. She had a pretty strong bias in not wanting any insurance company sniffing around her big payout. It was definitely in her best interest that Betsy's murder be solved and be solved in a way that absolved her. This would be true even if she had nothing to do with Betsy's murder herself, so pointing this out to the jury isn't technically the same as trying to present her as a SODDI option. The defense should absolutely have been allowed to cross-examine her on this.

It's no secret what the defense thinks happened: Pam killed her and did all she could to make sure Russ took the fall so she'd get the cash. The defense thinks she picked up Russ' slippers and touched them to Betsy's blood, which would explain why nothing else in the closet with the slippers was bloodied. That would make at least as much sense, if not more, than Russ stripping naked, except for his slippers. Why wouldn't he have had the Arby's buying buddy take the bloody slippers?

So from what I've gleaned between watching the Dateline episode (even Keith Morrison doesn't seem to think this conviction is solid) and from reading news articles, this is the case against Russ Faria.

I find it horrifying to learn that the jurors all discounted the 4 alibi witnesses. It's not like these 4 people all had criminal records or told wildly different accounts of the evening or cracked on the stand. Nope, they all 4 just consistently said Russ was with them from around 6 to around 9. For this, they were disbelieved by a jury, by Betsy's mother, and by the prosecution. In fact, they were vilified by the prosecution, made a part of a big murder conspiracy in a closing argument long on imagination and very short on fact. On their behalf, I'm offended. As a defense attorney, I'm also offended by the closing argument, which I would have a lot of fun tearing apart under Kansas's prosecutorial misconduct rules.

I find it horrifying that both the investigators and the prosecutors would so doggedly stick to their first assumption that the husband did it rather than investigate other avenues once it became clear his evening was fully accounted for. I find it horrifying that a person can fully account for his evening and yet still be charged with and convicted of murder. I find it horrifying that police, prosecutors, victim's family members, and jurors would slander good people just trying to tell the truth without one shred of evidence.

I will find it horrifying if this travesty of a conviction isn't overturned on appeal.


F G said...

Great breakdown! Thanks for explaining the SODDI rule. Dateline didn't really explain it. One thing that jumped out at me:

"A defendant can't introduce circumstantial evidence of a third party's motive for committing the crime without having some evidence to tie the third party to the actual crime."

But the State can?

StaceyG said...

Thanks for this!! I agree with you and have entertained the same LOGICAL theories. Hopefully, whatever is wrong with Missouri will be righted soon!!

Anonymous said...

Great writing here!

I am an alibi witness in this case and it's stunning the amount of awareness that you have about this story--you are obviously well informed.

It's mind-blowing to me that the PA Leah Askey said what she did about us in closing(and thus not able to be refuted) and has changed all of our ideas about trusting law enforcement and the justice system. We cooperated fully and were lied about in open court...absolutely stunning.

Pam Neufeld said...


JesseJ said...

Please sign Russ Faria Petition to Missouri Attorney General -

Unknown said...

I don't believe you are correct to say all the jurors dismissed the alibi witnesses testimony.

At least one juror is reported to have concluded Russ Faria committed the murder when he arrived home after picking up dinner at the fast food restaurant.

No idea how many other jurors he might have been speaking for.

S said...

The article I read said the jurors spoken to did not believe the alibi, which on behalf of the anonymous commenter I find incredibly insulting.

The juror who concluded he killed his wife after getting home from Arby's is just an idiot, then, as the wife had been dead for considerably longer than the few minutes that would have been before the first responders arrived.

Unknown said...

Personally, I'd want to have access to all the information the jury had before calling them idiots. But that's just me.

Btw, the time of death was never established at the trial. But there was evidence, to my understanding, that would contradict your blanket assertion regarding it.

Anonymous said...

Pam Hupp killed that woman.

Anonymous said...

Pam Hupp killed that woman.

Anonymous said...

Pam Hupp killed that woman.

Pete Mills said...

Thanks for a very erudite explanation of the SODDI issue. BTW are elections coming up in Ms. Askey's district....?

Anonymous said...

I was there for the whole trail as an alternate. I did not believe that Faria was guilty. When told about it I was deeply upset.

S said...

Eesh, that would be hard, to have been an alternate on that jury who had a, to put it nicely, different view of the evidence from the irrational actual jurors.

Rob said...

I'm no expert, and I'm certainly not a lawyer, but this sort of thing seems to happen a lot in America. Usually, the way these things go is that the defendant spends 20 to 30 years in prison before finally getting a judge to say, "Hey - wait a minute, here." I don't understand why that is, but let's all hope Russ's judge gets it sooner.

Anonymous said...

Askey is running unopposed in her bid for re-election this Fall. She is thrilled to remain the PA of Lincoln County , MO for another 4 years. Good luck to all of you that may encounter her.

Anonymous said...

Someone with some sense needs to run against her and PLEASE if your new reading this info please go sign PETITIONS TO FREE RUSS FARIA because HE IS INNOCENT!

Anonymous said...

I left a post here some time ago regarding this story. My name is Michael Corbin and I am alibi witness #1 from this farce of a trial.

After coming back and re-reading your writing again, I am still struck with the amount of information that you have correct about this case. I will have to correct the record and let everyone know that Betsy's daughters are not children--they are both legal adults now, though I do believe that one of them was under 21 at the time of this heinous crime.

If any of you are interested in seeing just what kind of a person Pam Hupp is, go to the Free Russ Faria facebook page and look at the online argument her and I got into last week in an comment section about another story. It's amazing what this woman was able to get away with...of course with the help of the Lincoln County justice system.

Everyone is still awaiting the court transcripts, which are now very overdue and keeping Russ' appeal from moving forward. I believe I know why this is--once the closing arguments are put onto paper it becomes public record and then Lincoln County may be in a little bit of hot water over what was said about myself and the rest of the alibi witnesses. The St. Louis Major Case Squad interrogated us on multiple occasions, separately, and obviously found that we had no connection with the murder. It wasn't until the closing arguments that suddenly we became 'conspirators' in the eyes of the PA(though I believe that she planned on doing this all along). Since these accusations came along when they did, the Defense couldn't properly defend against them and the Judge let her(the PA, Leah Askey) go on as if what she was saying could actually be true. I've come to learn that the Judge and PA are good friends and a number of trials that they've participated in together have had serious problems in their aftermath.

Lincoln County needs to just 'man up', release those transcripts, deal with the repercussions and let Russell get his successful appeal. I've never heard of anything so corrupt happening, so blatantly in an American courtroom before...but I feel that it is probably the norm at this point.

Anonymous said...

S said...

Thanks for sharing that link. That is marvelous. Just from watching the tv show and reading the stories, I don't trust that woman at all.

Anonymous said...

Could bias and anti Arab or Middle Eastern be a factor in this case as Faria sounds Middle Eastern and he looks it, there is a disgusting closed minded small segment of the American population who use there biased beliefs in unethical manners

Anonymous said...

Pam probably paid them off

daniel hatton said...

this case is baffling! idk how the judge could be so stupid, and the prosocuter as well. I mean I know you want to find the killer, but to go so blantantly against the evidence is crazy. Hupp is clearly the prime suspect, not Russell. Justice needs to be done in this case and the mistake made fixed....just totally shocked at the stupidity of the judge, jury, and prosecuting attorney....unbelievable

Anonymous said...

My theory, all the life insurance docs are forged and Betsy may have slit her wrists. Pam found out, when she called, she knew something was wrong when she doesnt answer, returned to Betsys house after the call and saw what Betsy had done to herself. Knowing she couldn't collect on a suicide, made the death look like a homocide. In any case Pam Hupp had something to do with her death!
Goes to show even someone with no knowledge of the law can make up far-fetched stories.

Missouri Gun Guy said...

Thanks for the great synopsis.

Anonymous said...

Could the blood on the light switch(unknown male) be compared with Hupp's husband and son? I pray that the daughters are not influenced by Grandma, and stand by their father.

Harry Murphy said...

My opinion:

First and foremost, Shame on prosecutor Leah Askey and judge Chris Kunza Mennemeyer for being co-conspirators in perverting Justice. This guy simply did not get a fair trial

... and what about Pam Hupp avoiding a polygraph test by presenting a Dr.'s excuse. Give me a break. Were the detectives even thinking??? Has Hupp ever come back and volunteered to take another polygraph from a third party just to clear the air? I don't think so! I wonder why?

A perversion of justice and a travesty of police investigative work.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most everything said here, though I would point out that if I was planning on using video surveillance as an alibi, I would stop by at least two gas stations just in case the camera in one either was broken or didn't catch me.

I had a very hard time believing how the jury dismissed his alibi, I mean there were four people who verified it. In most other shows when this happens, the cops immediately scratch the person off of their suspect list.

Anonymous said...

I had been unaware of this case until viewing a rebroadcast of the Dateline episode this evening.
This is one of the more outrageous cases of judicial and possibly prosecutorial misconduct I've seen, and I live in Texas, where all sorts of crazy courtroom antics are the norm. Common sense, which seems to be in short supply in this case, would deem that Mr. Faria's appeal should be granted post-haste.

Jay Dee said...

I am surprised to nobody mentioned Leah Askey's alleged affair with the lead detective in this case. Emails are surfacing that verify this allegation. That only adds to the corruption & injustice. Askey might get dis-barred over this conflict!

Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing in the land of the free and home of the brave. I didn't have to see anything beyond Dateline to have reasonable doubt and to see this man loved his wife and is innocent and her friend is not. How can this still happen in 2014?

Anonymous said...

Missouri holds the #1 spot on my list for state with the most unscrupulous prosecutors fueled by po-dunk police and convicted by uneducated, incompetent jurors. Columbia, MO and then prosecutor Crane used to hold the honors for biggest asshats in the witch hunt that landed then 21 year old Ryan Ferguson in jail for most of his young adulthood but I have to say the ignorance of the participants in the Faria case has taken Columbia's not-so-coveted spot to be top-dog asshat. Congrats

painter babe said...

It will be a great day when pam hupp and her husband are cuffed and locked away for life plus for what they've done...
I read that pam hupps mother fell from a balcony at her nursing home?
Does anyone have that story?

Karen Johnson said...

Absolutely amazing. There has to be a team of freedom lawyers to get this man out. I'm sure Pam probably murdered her mother too. I have never heard of anyone falling off a balcony that wasn't at a party as a young adult.

Anonymous said...

This is a huge miscarriage of justice. Russell Faria is clearly innocent of this crime and Pam Hupp is obviously guilty. The fact that the jury was not allowed to hear about the change of beneficiary to Pam Hupp's name occurring just days before the murder is a TRAVESTY.

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

I just saw this story today on Investigation Discovery channel and it is like nothing I have ever seen before. It is so clear to me that he is innocent. I decided to google more info (how I ended up here) and then I began to find even more things out that were not even in the show. Things that made it even more clear to me that this person has been wrongly convicted. Even more than that I think some people should be convicted themselves for having railroaded this man unfairly. My question now is...what can be done?? What can people do to help him? I am not a lawyer but since you are I wonder is there something that can be done to help him? This seems so clearly wrong to me

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this comprehensive post. I, too, found your blog whilst searching for more information on this case. This blatant miscarriage of justice-- more like a train wreck --is appalling. Should Faria get an appeal, there is so much more evidence that needs to be introduced and just examined period! I personally believe Russell is innocent, and I share in the opinion that ole Ham Puff was involved, to say the least. What gets me, though, is how he was convicted despite ample "reasonable doubt". As others have noted, this alone speaks volumes for this particular court system, and as many of us have seen, America's entire approach to how investigations and trials are conducted. (Another recent example is the travesty of Adnan Syed's case through the Serial podcast, and how much reasonable doubt was evident yet ignored or pushed away in the jurors' minds.) I certainly hope Betsy gets true justice through Russell's vindication and the true killer(s) are brought before a jury.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Faria's friends were lying, but somehow, Russ was responsible for Betsy's death. Not sure how he swung it or even if he was there (there's always the possibility he contracted some lowlife to do it), but NO ONE who is innocent reacts the way he did on that 911 call or at the police station. If one stumbles upon a loved one covered with blood, the first thing one says is NOT "Oh, I just returned from my friend's house and . . . " It would be "help, my wife is covered with blood!" And that hilarious moaning and caterwauling was more appropriate to a Loony Tunes episode where Daffy Duck has a hot foot. I think he paid someone to kill her, thus wasn't surprised, and that put on the worst performance since Paris Hilton tried to act in a film.

Anonymous said...

I think the cops knew he was obviously guilty and were determined to nail him at any cost. I do think the prosecution's tactics were questionable, but there is no question in my mind that this man is as guilty as sin. He killed his wife somehow (perhaps he had someone do it). He has no soul, and it was clear he didn't care for his wife. Collapsing at the coffin? Really? Who does that, ever?

Anonymous said...

Look: 12 jurors were able to overlook inconsistencies and determine this creep was guilty; why isn't that good enough for everyone? I'll go to my grave swearing that Faria is a guilty man.

Anonymous said...

Why would the daughters ignore Grandma? Russ isn't their father, he was their stepfather, and they disliked him from the start. They know he killed their mom. As for Faria's being Middle Eastern, I thought he was Italian? Sure, Pam Hupp is shady, but she didn't kill Betsy, Russ did; apparently, Betsy had very poor judgment when it came to husbands and friends. Russ had his day in court and was found guilty by a jury of his peers; why isn't that enough for your commenters? Lawyers for the Innocence Project should expend their efforts on those accused who are actually guilty. No one who is innocent acts like Russ did in that 911 call--Betsy's mom was smart enough to catch that. That was some riotously poor acting; law enforcement has heard enough 911 calls to know that this is not how people react. Faria wasn't surprised when he found his wife dead since he had arranged it. As for the Serial podcast case that one commenter cited, that murderer is also guilty. Don't waste your energies on feeling sorry for these two pieces of crap.

Robin said...

Nice try HUPP! Everyone knows the above post is yours! Your once again trying to take the focus OFF of you! It's NOT working! Everyone in the USA and around the globe are fully AWARE that YOU and YOUR POS husband are the two behind Betsy Faria's murder! And guess what? It's ALL catching up to you and FAST! But this time - you aren't going to have the opportunity to manipulate ANYONE! Soon both you and Mark will be in PRISON for MURDERING Betsy Faria! COUNT ON IT!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Pam! You running scared? How can anyone think that four upstanding friends of Russ' would all say, "ok. You want to kill your wife for no reason? Sure. We'll help." We are collecting an abundance of evidence that the P.A. Askey, Hupp and others have done some illegal and immoral things which we will uncover and tell the world. Askey and Hupp were already defrauding and we have proof. I hope that you like the color orange Hupp! We're coming for you. Your Mom "fell" off of the balcony right after Betsy was murdered by you and your hubby. Funny how your siblings received no inheritance yet you got it all. Did you take Mom to the library too? Bitch!

Robin said...

As we know the four posts on January 29, 2015 beginning at 4:41AM and ending at 4:56AM belong to Pam Hupp. It is obvious that the walls on closing in on her now as she has made several stops throughout the internet and several as of late to feed the public with more of her lie’s. Ms. Hupp certainly is trying to(once again) manipulate the public in order to take the focus OFF of her and her husband who had ‘everything’ to do with the murder of Betsy Faria. Ms. Hupp is most definitely the definition of a psychopath, which I find to be extremely frightening and chilling! Aside from the MANY lie’s Ms. Hupp told the investigators, she also could not keep ANY of her stories straight the night of Betsy Faria’s murder. One thing is for certain - The timeline proves that Ms. Hupp was at Betsy's house the time Betsy was being murdered. In addition - If you’ve kept up with Ms. Hupp’s posts here and elsewhere on the internet, you will notice how she incriminates herself over and over again, while she continues to tell the world the entire story of her part in Betsy’s murder.

Although it is simply not possible to tell all the lie’s and inconsistencies told by Ms. Hupp. I will outline just a few quote's by Ms. Hupp. (See below)

Pam Hupp - “It all happened so fast” - - - - - -
Of course Pam - you had to be in and out of the house before anyone noticed you were murdering Betsy and certainly had to be out before Russ arrived home from game night.

Pam Hupp -“The house was dark and creepy” - - - - -

I am SURE it was Pam, as you knew what was about to do down!

Pam Hupp -“Russ was responsible for Betsy's death. Not sure how he swung it or even if he was there (there's always the possibility he contracted some lowlife to do it)” --------

Yes, indeed Pam - it is a HIGH probability that not only was your husband (Mark) involved, but you likely also contracted some lowlife to help murder Betsy - after all - you couldn't wait to get your dirty hands on Betsy’s life insurance to the tune of $150,800.00.

Pam Hupp-“Sure, Pam Hupp is shady”- - - -

Yes Pam - In your OWN words - You ARE shady, but more-so EVIL!

Pam Hupp - “He has no soul, and it was clear he didn't care for his wife”

Pam - you are the one with NO soul - in fact, you soul is black as Satan himself. You did NOT care in the least about Betsy Faria. After all, you premeditated the MURDER of Betsy Faria for months!

Pam Hupp - “I'll go to my grave swearing that Faria is a guilty man”

You’re the ONLY one that will go to their grave swearing Russ is a guilty man, as the entire population swears he is an INNOCENT man and that YOU, Ms. Hupp are GUILTY of MURDER. - - FYI... YOU will be going straight from prison to YOUR grave as once you are locked up you will never EVER be free to murder anyone else EVER again -

Anonymous said...

Pam Hupp killed that woman.

Anonymous said...

Mark and Pam Hupp got away with murder and banked Betsy's life insurance policy to the tune of 150 grand! Shortly thereafter the Hupp's paid cash for a new home! The investigators never bothered to obtain Mark Hupp's DNA - they never even impounded the Hupp's vehicles nor did they luminol their vehicles! BRILLIANT! But wait...there's more...they did ask Pam for the clothes she was wearing the night Betsy was murdered, but the investigators waited nearly a week before they asked ol ' Pam to hand over her clothes! I am positive Pam could hardly contain herself from laughing as she knew she served as the 'look out' while her husband Mark did the dirty deed! But of course the investigators never bothered to ask Mark Hupp anything nor did they investigate him - had they I'm certain the blood on the light switch would match M.Hupp and also the DNA under Betsy Faria's fingernail. There is no doubt the Hupp's killed Betsy and they need to be arrested - charged - and convicted! The Hupp's are extremely dangerous people.

Anonymous said...

Karma will some day bite the hupps in the rear. It seems foolish to even think the husband did this. Where is the motive? As in most things in life,follow the money trail. The DA ought to charge Pam hupp with perjury.she lied on several government witnessed statements. Her whole life seems shady.the jury got it wrong on the conviction of the husband. This one should of been an easy not guilty.

Anonymous said...


As of 2-24-15, Russ Faria's appeal has been remanded back to Lincoln County for a re-trial. In a rare move that's only happened 2 other times in the State of Missouri, the Chief Judge of the Eastern Appellate Court has Remanded the case back to the original Judge Mennemeyer for a re-trial without the case even passing through the Appeals Court process. In the text body of the Remand, the Chief Judge states that a refusal to re-try Russ would likely be cause for the Appellate Court to rule this as an error in the original trial and it would most certainly be overturned.

What a turn of events! This is a HUGE slap-down to the original Judge and PA in this case and forces them to navigate a trap of their own creation. Judge Mennemeyer really has no choice but to give Russ a new trial and PA Askey has a very difficult decision to make concerning whether to charge Russ again. This decision is so difficult for her because of 2 different reasons: 1) the PA and Sheriff's Dept. had worked with Mrs. Hupp to help her facilitate the scammed insurance payout--in essence participating in the insurance scam and 2) PA Askey and Det. Michael Lang of the Sheriff's Dept. were having an inappropriate affair before, during and after this trial and Lang took questions from his lover on the stand in order to help put Russ in prison. Neither of these things were ever made known to the court prior to the trial and are damning in nature against the Lincoln County Justice System. The last thing that the PA and Detective want is to be put on the stand and raked over the coals about these 2 facts. Honestly, if they were called to the stand, evidence could be uncovered that could get some members of that justice system into very big trouble.

My prediction--after 3 or 4 more months of trying to figure a way out of this mess, PA Askey will finally figure out that the only way out of this is to just drop the whole case and let it go. This still doesn't mean that she won't get into serious trouble over some of these things though. I would like nothing more than to see her in an orange jumpsuit picking up trash off the side of the highway.

This is the beginning of the end of Russ' stay in prison and I thank Chief Judge Angela Quigless of the Missouri Eastern Appeals Court for her clarity of thought and just wisdom.

Anonymous said...

The jurors in this case must be the most illiterate 12 people in Linclon County, Missouri. One juror in an interview stated that the alibi witnesses were not credible because there testimony sounded too rehearsed. 4 people??? Are you kidding me???? Unbelievable!!! As for the lead detective, Pam Hupp, made him look like Barney Fife. She threw some allegations out against Russ and he took the bait & swallowed it whole. What an incompetence is mind boggling!

JEM said...

Oh my...this case bothered me so much that I called Attorney Joel Schwartz in Missouri to offer my assistance in any way, but I haven't heard back from him. I'm an attorney from the east coast and it frustrates me to tears that this innocent man is in jail. It is clear as day that Pam Hupp killed him. Period. Then tried to frame him by taking his slipper and dipping it in the blood. They should do blood pattern analysis on the slipper. I'm praying this case is given to an Innocence Project. Maybe we can start an online petition to have the charges dismissed and then prosecute that monster Hupp. Any thoughts?

JEM said...


Anonymous said...

Great job. This is one wack case! Apparently now there is speculation that the prosecuting attorney was having a sexual relationship with one of the cops who testified?
Russell Faria definitely deserves a brand new trial! And what about that video of Pam Hupp being coached by the officer about setting up a trust for the kids. Aren't cops supposed to investigate ALL avenues before jumping to a conclusion. IT'S NOT ALWAYS THE DAMN HUSBAND. Sure, it is A LOT, but not ALWAYS.

Artemis Grey said...

I *just* saw this show (obviously rerun) this morning while drinking coffee and working on a manuscript. I was completely appalled at the imbecilic theory of the prosecution. And eventually by the judge disallowing the questioning of Pam on the stand. I have no doubt whatsoever that Russell is completely innocent.

And I am pro-death penalty. I support it totally. HOWEVER, if you're going to support the death penalty, you've got to look at cases objectively and rationally. It's not a matter of 'deserving' the death penalty (plenty of people on this planet *deserve* to die) it's a matter of proving without doubt that the accused is, in fact, guilty of the crime. If you cannot without ANY DOUBT prove their guilt, then the death penalty is off the table. I'm very critical of the facts because of this.

My point is, I'm not a bleeding heart, give them the benefit of the doubt, kind of person, but this case is the biggest load of hogwash I've ever heard of, and I'd fight to get Russell released if I had the chance to.

Anonymous said...

This is the Dispatch article on the retrial and the rumors on the romance aren't made up in these comments as they are part of the Appellate Court's decision. I just saw this on a rerun of Dateline last night and it truly blew my mind and made me sad to see, AGAIN, that some prosecutors are in it for ego and victory and ambition and not for justice. America does not make me proud in things like this.

Anonymous said...

The locals are livid!

Anonymous said...

ARREST Pam Hupp IMMEDIATELY! Hands down that B**** would start talking to try and save her own soul! You can bet she would give up her husband - son and ALL who helped her plan and murder Betsy! Hope that evil women is haunted and terrorized every day for the rest of her life!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on sticking by your friend and not letting the vicious institution that is our Missouri Government (STL resident here) convince or bribe you into dishonesty! He was just released today on his half mil. bond, and I am tickled shitless for that! I wish you all (he in particular of course) all the best!! Dont let The Man get you down, because in today's world, if you lose yourself, you've lost it all! --Van

Anonymous said...

If you don't want to be sent to prison, don't murder your wife.

Bring on the retrial, where sensationalist journalists and Faria's sleazy supporters won't have carte blanche to continue passing off lies, rumours, and innuendo as fact.

Anonymous said...

Faria is italian. At least thats what grandpa Faria said when he told me about his trip to Ellis Island.

Anonymous said...

I just re watched the Dateline update and heard something that I missed before. Hupp and Betsy met when they both worked in insurance. Has there been any thought given to these people killing anyone else. Have they cashed in on any other insurance policies? Something to look into if not already.

Anonymous said...

Shame on the Lincoln County Investigators for their neglect of justice in this case. I am disgusted! I hope someone gets held accountable in the department!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Shame on the Lincoln County Investigators for their neglect of justice in this case. I am disgusted! I hope someone gets held accountable in the department!!!!!

hatcher2262 said...

The jurors made a big mistake, in my opinion, especially when some of them said they had doubt and heard that if he was innocent he will get an appeal and can prove he is not guilt through that process, That can take years if not decades but the process will be reviewed not hiding evidence nor proving there was a lying witness because that's not going to happen all because of SODDI. Hey let's be real, if there were any doubt there should have been a not guilty or a hung jury, there 100 of cases that make the prosecutor got back and get new evidence..reasonable doubt. Prohibiting SODDI is another name for legally hinding evidence and just seem like it would breathes corupption and laziness on states part, round table to come up with a theory. This case is scary, because this man will never get out of jail anything short of a state pardon, in my opinion. An appeal ain't get it done.

Anonymous said...

I just saw a recorded episode detailing this miscarriage of justice. While it won't fit the legal definition, in practical terms the police and prosecutor were accessories after the fact in the murder of Betsy. They shielded the most likely suspect Pam Hupp. At the very beginning of the dateline episode when Russ said he thought it was suicide and I found out that she had been obviously murdered, my strong inclination was to believe he was innocent. Someone who had stabbed his wife 50 times would never offer the idea of suicide up. Virtually all of the same thoughts went through my mind as the author of the nice summary. I was so completely amazed that 12! people could agree that there was no reasonable doubt even with the prosecutorial misconduct. It is a shame that those slandered by the prosecutor's accusations of murder conspiracy with no evidence cannot take her to civil court. I assume there is some kind of shield law for prosecutors making such libelous accusations. But that is one of the minor injustices in a case loaded with them.

Anonymous said...

Did Hupps mom die recently giving Hupp alot of money?....was the death fully investigated ?....have there been any other deaths in Hupps cirlce ? Do PA Askey and Judge Menneyer choose to work as a team ? Did Hupp have any contact with the Mennemeyer or Askey prior to the crime ?...Has Hupp got any other insurance moneys ?... were these questions not fully investigated ?

Anonymous said...

I watched this Dateline episode and was SHOCKED they sent an innocent man to prison and never even bothered to investigate anyone else. In my opinion, I do believe Faria will be aquitted and once Faria is completely exculpated, than a special prosecutor will be assigned to open a case shortly thereafter against the killer(s) and most definitely charged. A warrant for arrest will be issued and the killer(s) will be extradited back to Lincoln County, booked and incarcerated until further notice If the killer(s) accept a plea to avoid the death penalty than of course a trial will not be necessary. In my opinion, I am convinced the killer(s) will be convicted of murder in the first and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Finally both Mr. and Mrs. Faria will have the peace they both have deserved and waited for, for such a long time.

Regards and my best to the Faria family.

Albert jack said...

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Anonymous said...

Just an update if you still do the blog, but at a bench trial this week, Russ was found not guilty by the judge and released

Anonymous said...

Great to hear Russell Faria is now free! Now on my knees praying for justice to be served on the killers that brutally took Betsey Faria's life. Can't imagine what that poor women went through the night she was murdered, than to frame her husband for it is devastating.

Good to know they will be investigating this further. If I were one of the investigators on the case, the first thing I would do is nab some DNA on the husband, son and brother of Ms Huff. In my opinion, you would likely get some results. Very simple case to resolve. RIP Betsy and Congrats to Russell Faria.

Anonymous said...

To the person who said; "a person who innocent does not act the he did on the 911 call"
How dare you. I pray you NEVER are granted the chance to serve on a jury. Shame on you.
There is no book how to grieve.

Signed, Amy

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Steve Hummel said...

Some of the evidence they say point to Russell just don't make sense to me. They may be true, but do not point to Russell. Crime of passion. If Pam had an affair with her, it could be HER crime of passion. (When I first started watching, I have to admit a lesbian affair came to mind before it was even brought up). Water in the bathtubs points to Russell cleaning up. All it points to is that the killer may have tried to clean up, whomever that may be. The timeline and alibis drops Russell as far as I'm concerned. They said Russell was TRYING to get on security cameras. Well, he did a pretty good job of it. Whether he tried or not, the fact is that he WAS on those security cameras. They letter they found that was never sent. If it was never sent, how did Pam know it probably existed? This next one goes more with the civil trial and the insurance. Another friend said she too was asked to be a beneficiary of the insurance to make sure the daughters get it, which backs up Pams story. If it backs up Pams story, then it should also show she wanted the money to go to the daughters, like the other friend said. They ignored the cell phone pings for Russell, but I guess they ignored the inconsistent pings of Pams phone pings.

Anonymous said...

Mr Faria needs to sue Lincoln County.

Anonymous said...

excellent breakdown.

It is incredibly obvious Pam Hupp murdered or coordinated this murder. The investigation and prosecution should be more than ashamed. they are pathetic.

Jason Colston said...

I just watched the second dateline and I'm glad somebody over there finally woke up. I knew he was innocent after watching the first dateline. There were things that they were saying was evidence against the husband that to me showed he was innocent. First thing that made me know he was innocent was when told police it was suicide. They were certain that this showed he was guilty but what idiot would stab a person 57 times then try to convince the police it was suicide? Then on top of be so smart to leave his cell phone at his buddies house come home strip down and kille his wife? Then be so dumb that while he is butt naked he has his house shoes on and gets blood on them and doesn't hide them? It made absolutely no sense!!! Pam Hupp obviously killed or had this woman killed. I'm praying that eventually someone swallows their pride and goes after Hupp

Anonymous said...

How did Russ Faria afford Joel Schwarz? He got an OJ Simspon-like defense that cost Juice 10 million.

Anonymous said...

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After reading through all of the information provided I can't help but empathize with Mr. Faria. But again, this is not uncommon in our courts. You most likely have been aware of the number of individuals who have been exonerated for various capitol crimes. Individuals sentenced to die for crimes they did not commit. Some of them prosecuted using false testimony, manufactured evidence. Forced confessions, corrupt prosecutors and police investigators. Those found innocent have spent several years of their life locked away knowing that the state will kill them. For what?

Unfortunately, I don't think this will stop. This is our justice system. Just Us.

Anonymous said...

Pam Hupp's mother died when she "fell" from her retirement home's balcony. No known witnesses (But I think we all know one witness!)

In this article from November 2015 ( it is reported that the retirement home and its contractor were being sued (by whom I don't know, I suppose Pam)

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Our friend Pam Hupp has been up to it again and murdered an innocent man while trying to frame Russ Faria.

Here is the latest of many articles from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

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