Tuesday, March 18, 2014

If the shoe fits, Sean Hannity...

Yes, CNN has rather lost its mind over this missing plane. But so has FOX. For some reason, I can't make myself stop tuning in because it's all become so unhinged and they're all so sure we can speculate and expound and theorize when we basically know nothing.

No one, though, has lost his mind over this all more than Sean Hannity. I mean, this guy has gone full-on Glenn Beck nutso over this. He is convinced the lead pilot is behind it all. Why? Because, and I am not making this up, because that man has been seen wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the words "Democracy is Dead." And because that man supports the opposition leader. Based on these facts, and the fact that the pilot allegedly attended at least part of this leader's totally trumped-up trial that only happened so the ruling party could incarcerate this man, Sean Hannity has declared him a "fanatic" utterly unfit to fly a plane at all. He actually said he would feel very uncomfortable being a passenger on a plane with this guy at the helm.

Think about that for a minute. Sean Hannity equates supporting the opposition party with fanaticism. Fanaticism to such a dangerous degree that such a person should not be entrusted in a position of responsibility.

So, hey, Mr. Hannity. Remember that time you wrote, "Obama's rhetorical overtures to democracy, it turned out, were just a decoy to conceal his unwavering determination to govern from the far left.”
Sean Hannity, Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama's Radical Agenda

Some might see that as being sorta maybe a little bit akin to a guy who supports the opposition party in a country ruled by an autocratic regime wearing a "Democracy is Dead" t-shirt. Maybe.

I'm also pretty sure that's hardly the only time you've suggested, implied, or even flat-out said that Obama is destroying (or has already destroyed) democracy. You've kind of made a living since 2008 railing against the current administration. I'm also guessing you've spent an awful lot of time watching hearings related to your pet topics, and you would closely follow a trial if you thought the Obama administration was trying some big GOP or Tea Party leader in a clear attempt to silence a political foe.

But as you've made clear this week, you think saying such things and engaging in such activity makes you a fanatic unfit for jobs that involve serious responsibility toward other people. So maybe you shouldn't be entrusted with the responsibility of imparting "news" to the public over television and radio. If the shoe fits...

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