Monday, March 9, 2009

Of Knitting and Tails

Dear Auntie Meryl:
Thank you very much for the ball you knitted for me. I have had a lot of fun chasing it when Mommy throws it. Sometimes she tries to pull it away from me, but I hold on as hard as I can. (The ball might not be quite as ball-shaped as it once was...)
Having a special toy made just for me made me feel much better when my tail was hurt. And thank you to all my internet friends who were worried about my broken tail. It does not hurt anymore, but I might have to break it again 'cause Mommy says I need to go to the groomer now that I'm all better. I do not like the groomer.

1 comment:

Meryl said...

I'm so glad it made you happy Maddie, and it's good to hear your tail is on the mend! (And I happen to know your groomer gives good treats--every cloud has a silver lining!)

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