Sunday, June 28, 2009


I have been trying to work today, but instead had been giving in to feeling like a failure as a lawyer, as a housekeeper, as a dog mom, and pretty much in every other way possible. It didn't help that the US men's soccer team, who started off with a stellar first half, allowed Brazil to score 3 goals in the second half (really 4) to lose the game.

But then, I did a little channel surfing and found "My Cousin Vinny." Y'all know that when that movie is on, I have to watch. I came in just about the time that Vinny blew the prelim, Stanley decided to go with the public defender, and Vinny was basically feeling like a failure as a lawyer, a fiancee, and in every other way possible. But then Vinny finds his mojo and wins his case.

So I'm finding my mojo. If Vinny can win his case as a first-timer, surely I, with all my experience, can win mine. Especially since I have better suits.


Lisa Johnson said...

Glad you're feeling better S. I hope you have an awesome week! ; )

Bob S. said...


Sometimes the victories are small, I'm in a job where set backs are daily and progress is glacially slow.

I know the feeling of despair. I fight it by looking for the success in the simplest possible terms: Did I do it better this time?

Just that, I may not get the programs implemented that need to be implemented, I may not get people to see it my way....but each time I get a little better and that matters.

Ask yourself, are you getting better?

Unknown said...

You do great work, S. Thanks for sharing it with us.

S said...

Thanks, guys. I was going to comment that I would be feeling all better in about 2 weeks, but just found out there is no respite, no reprieve from the soul-crushing workload. Damn.

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