Sunday, February 24, 2008

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prototype said...

I left part of my story on Ipse dixit's post. The system is soooo messed up. what can be done to protect law abiding citizens from corruption within the system.

pam d said...

Will you Please email ‘Preaching to the choir: The Inexplicable Case of Russ Faria’ to Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and to the Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster? Please! Please! Please email it to them. They need to have what you wrote.legf

Unknown said...

I am appalled at Lea Askey's closing remarks implicateling 4 law abiding citizens in a so called murder conspiracy.

I see that Missouri elects judges. Very glad to be in Massachusetts where all judges are appointed for life and not directly subject to political pressure. Also I live in a very large county where there is real competition for public attorneys although we sometimes get bad ones. But I don't think the brightest bulbs in the legal community are fighting for election in small counties. I think that judicial and police districts for capital crimes should be established with a minimum population standard of 200,000.

Anonymous said...

It is horrible that Russ Faria lost 4 years of his life sitting in prison facing a life sentence for a crime for which there was proof he didn't commit, even without the Pam Hupp evidence being presented in trial.
What is more appalling, horrible, and devastating, is that Pam and Mark got away with murder. The case should be reopened and investigated, but I believe this will never happen.
I believe this was premeditated murder. Pam Hupp used Betsy Faria's doubts of Russ's ability to properly handle her life insurance, to hatch a plan to profit from Betsy's murder. She probably thought: "What the Hell, the woman is going to die soon anyway." First she plants a false dying declaration letter on Betsy's computer for police to find, then she talks Betsy into naming Pam beneficiary on the 150K policy. I believe she planned to kill Betsy after bringing her back from her Chemo treatment, knowing that Russ would be gone for hours. But Betsy had a ride and told Pam she did not need a ride home. Betsy showed up at chemo anyway and after a lot of resistance, Betsy allowed her to take her home. Pam called her husband from her car upon her and Betsy's arrival at Betsy's home, Pam's husband, I'm sure, was in Betsy's home waiting for her to come in. I believe he stabbed her many times after she was dead to make it look like a crime of passion, and dipped Russ's slippers in Betsy's blood, and threw them in the bedroom closet, getting blood on the light switch. There was unknown male DNA mixed with Betsy's blood on that light switch. If a swab had been taken from Pam and Marc Hupp, I'm sure that unknown DNA would have matched Pam Hupp's husband.
What made the police so focused on Russ was his claim that it was a suicide. Think about it, if you knew you stabbed someone over 50 times, would you be stupid enough to claim it was suicide?, No, you would have thought of something else, it was obvious during the interrogation, that Russ had no idea that Betsy had been stabbed so many times, because the wounds were not visible to him. Also, Pam Hupp got a note from her doctor saying that she couldn't take a polygraph test...REALLY?? Avoiding a polygraph, being named beneficiary, being the last person with Betsy, and proof Pam was at the crime scene at the time of death, among many other clues, and the police and prosecutor didn't even want to consider her?
I am appalled, that the prosecutor would rather let two murderers go free, than to admit the mistakes made during investigation and trial. Leah Askey has had to see all the real evidence by now, she knows Pam Hupp did it, Pam's own l.awyer said in her civil trial that Pam should have been named a suspect in the Russ Faria trial.
It looks like Pam probably got away with the murder of her own mother, too.
Jail the innocent, and let murderers go free, is this our America? Even the assistant to the Attorney of General of MO lied to the jurors, there is always an estimated time of death, and he wouldn't even give them an approximate time, because that would have shown that Russ couldn't have committed the crime.
I'm not sure why, but this was a heinous plot to fry Russ, no matter who really committed the crime.

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