Friday, February 29, 2008

Terrorized by stupid people

I actually read this on an online message board yesterday:

"Barack Hussein Obama is intentionally covering-up his middle name to hide his link to terrorists."

Here's what terrorizes me: the person who wrote this line is allowed to vote in a presidential election! See, this person thinks that because Obama's middle name also happens to be the last name of that erstwhile Iraqi dictator, he is necessarily an evil, radical Islamic terrorist. No one named Hussein could possibly be anything but.

Umm, except that Sadam Hussein himself was not a fucking terrorist! Haven't we yet succeeded in thoroughly debunking this nonsense notion that Iraq and Hussein had anything whatsoever to do with September 11? For anyone out there who hasn't yet gotten the message: Iraq and Al Qaeda were not connected until after we invaded Iraq. Then, and only then, did Al Qaeda become a presence in that country. Prior to that, there is no evidence that Iraq sponsored terrorist activity. Other countries, like Sudan and Afghanistan for example, knowingly helped out and harbored terrorists (probably with lots of people named Hussein involved), but not Iraq.

Know what country was not a sponsor of terrorism? Jordan. With our good buddy King HUSSEIN at the helm! I know this information just might make some people's head explode, but here it is, absolute proof that not all people with the name Hussein are terrorists.

See, the name Hussein in the Arab world is about as common as names like Jones, Smith, or Johnson in our part of the world. Of course, we all know that since Lyndon Johnson once picked up his dog by its ears, all people named Johnson abuse animals...

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