Saturday, March 1, 2008

a no rant day?

I don't think I have anything to rant about today. It's 70 degrees and sunny. It's the first day of March, which always feels like the unofficial beginning of spring to me. My dog is really happy to play outside. I'm really happy to sit outside and watch her while "reading my book" (code for daydreaming).

The only thing to mar my day so far is that Duke won. Fucking Duke. They were losing to NC State all game long until the very end when their jack-up-3s-all-game strategy worked because they hit like three in a row. Then they got a horrible call. NC State player was called for a defensive foul. The replay clearly showed that the only contact was a hook arm by the offensive player, which should always be called as an offensive foul. Down by 1, the damn Dukie stepped up and hit both free throws. Duke wins. Fucking Duke.

Guess I could find something to rant about.

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