Monday, March 31, 2008

After March Madness, we have April Awesomeness!

Is this the best time of the year or what? Let's list all the reasons why:

1. The Kansas Jayhawks are in the Final Four. The game may not have been pretty, but can any quartet of guards in the country provide lock-down defense when it counts the most like Rush, Chalmers, Collins, and Robinson? Mark my words: these Jayhawks will go to San Antonio loose and ready to play!

2. Baseball opening day. The Kansas City Royals came from behind to win. As of right now, they are undefeated and in first place. You may tell me they can't stay in first place, but I respond, "Why not?"

3. My season tickets finally arrived! Home opener against the Yankees, here I come!

4. I have the cutest dog ever. Last Friday was our first anniversary or Gotcha Day as I call it.

I really intended for this blog to be more about the law than myself, but between my recent illness and sports, I've let an awful lot of my non-law life and interests seep out. I don't know if that trend will continue.

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