Sunday, March 16, 2008

Random Notes

1. My poor dog just had a terrible night. She got her ears cleaned, she got a bath, and she got brushed. She really hates grooming, so that trifecta is torture for her. She took it like a trooper, though. Or she was so beaten down, she lost the will to fight. The best part, though, is that when it's all done, instead of hating me for doing all that stuff to her, she considers me her hero for uttering the magic words "All done!" And she loves me like crazy for giving her a treat (tonight she earned filet mignon, not just a teeth-cleaning-disguised-as-treat biscuit). You just can't beat the unconditional, all-forgiving love of a dog.

2. The dreaded birthday party encounter with Blah did indeed happen. She broached the why-haven't-you-fulfilled-your-purpose-as-a-woman-by-procreating topic. I said something about not caring to discuss such a personal topic in such a public setting. In spite of all my bluster, I was really going to let it go at that because, after all, she is a good friend of the birthday girl so I didn't want to make a scene. And my mother raised me to always be the bigger person, which I think would probably include not responding to an intrusive question with rudeness. But Blah did get chided nonetheless. SO's other sister (not the birthday girl) was in hearing distance. She gave one of those scoffing, are you nuts laughs and said maybe I didn't want to have kids at all and so what. I then said that career had always been my focus. In a surprising turn of events, Blah (who I might have to start referring to by a more respectful nickname) then expressed actual interest in what I really do and perhaps some understanding of why I haven't been in a hurry to start a family. (I found out later that birthday girl had also bluntly told Blah she was inappropriate in her questioning of me.) Blah expressed genuine remorse for being too forward and offered some insight into her own past that has left her with a stunted understanding of appropriate social boundaries. So the bottom line is that Blah and I may have reached an actual understanding. And without any margaritas being wasted.

3. I like it when prosecutors get called out publicly on their bad behavior. Too often, the public blames activist judges and evil defense lawyers for defendants being acquitted or convictions being overturned on appeal. In reality, prosecutors are the ones who have the most control over the case from charging to trial. If a case gets screwed up, it's usually the prosecutor to blame. I just wish the public was more interested in holding the prosecutors accountable! Reading newspaper articles about a prosecutor being chided by the judge in open court for discovery shenanigans might pique that public interest.

4. Tourney time is upon us. It was fun watching all the little conference teams winning their way into the big dance last week. And good job Georgia! That's a nice, feel-good story of a not so good team winning against incredible odds, probably in defense of their coach's job. But it's now time to get real. Cinderella is dead. A #1 seed is winning this thing. The Kansas Jayhawks are where it's at! This is the year! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!

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Meryl said...

Glad things went well with Blah. It sounds like there are a few members of SO's family who have your back, and that's a very good thing!

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