Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I can happily report that I made my additional 4 hours without vomiting, so around 6 last night, I was finally able to drink some gatorade. (Sweet SO brought me a 64 ounce bottle of my favorite flavor.) I also drank some of the ginger ale he had brought me that morning. I don't know why bubbly drinks always feel good to an upset stomach.

Then around 8:15, I decided that raspberry sherbet sounded good. My mom always had sherbet in the freezer and I remember it being something she would give us when we didn't feel well. Of course, as soon as I said I wanted raspberry sherbet, SO went to the store and got me some. While it sucks being sick, it's kind of nice to have someone take such good care of me.

I'm still not at work today. I had a raging headache when I woke up this morning, probably related to dehydration. I am actually going to go out, though. My poor pup is almost out of food. She's been very confused the past two days. Mommy's been home, but not playing with her. Everytime I get up, she gets really excited and runs for her ball, thinking that if I'm getting up, I must be better and can play with her now. Well, I really haven't played with her, but I will take her with me to the pet store.

Then maybe I'll get some food for myself, too.

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