Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So the Women's Health Care Services, Inc. clinic in Wichita is officially closed. I kind of wondered if that wouldn't be the outcome from Dr. Tiller's murder. I knew very little about the structure of that clinic, its ownership, how many other doctors practiced there, etc. I guess I was just resigned to the idea that no one else could ever really fill Dr. Tiller's shoes.

But even though I had already thought this outcome was likely and knew that no one would take over the unique services only Dr. Tiller provided, I am still saddened to realize that the person who murdered the doctor really would get exactly what he wanted. This is how they're winning, the bad guys, the extremists, the terrorists, and the Operation Rescue types. They've harassed and protested and badgered so many doctors out of providing services. It hardly matters if abortion is legal if there is no one to provide the service.


Dave said...

CNN Radio News was all excited that the network got an exclusive with Mr. Assassin. They gave him the forum, through a direct quote, of saying he was very happy the clinic would shut down. Thanks, CNN. Jerks.

Unknown said...

Seriously, Dave. Why do people keep talking to that guy. Don't give him a forum. I'm not watching the news these days.

Anonymous said...

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