Thursday, June 4, 2009


This morning, my house was blue, with some patches of primer and one test wall of the new color. It was a bright, light blue. It was all right, but it was not my choice.

This evening, when I got home from work, the blue was gone. In its place was the wonderful, fabulous, exciting new color all of my own choosing. It looks good. So good. Gorgeous, even. I clapped my hands. I hopped up and down like a little kid. I may have done a little dance. I had a lovely bonding moment with my neighbor. I walked all the way around the block just so I could figure out all the spots where my house can be seen through trees and around other houses. My house is the prettiest house on the block now.

I'm sure some people were a little unsure about my color choice, but I promise you, I was right.

But you have to wait for the proof. He still has to finish the trim work, the door, and the shutters. No pictures until it's entirely done.


Bob S. said...

Want to see pictures of you doing the "Snoopy Dance" in front of your freshly painted house. :)

S said...

Sadly, you still have to wait another day or two for pictures. The door and shutters aren't done yet and there are still several gutters to paint and put back.

Molly said...

Yay for painting! I want to paint my room in my new apartment. I'm thinking a deep, dark red, but I'm not sure yet.

Also, I tagged you for an award on my blog. I've been reading your blog for a little while, sorry to be a bit of a creeper! I start law school in the fall so I've been reading blogs to gather more of a perspective on the experience.

S said...

I have a room in my house that's a deep red. I love it. Don't skimp on the tinted primer!

Cynthia said...

I wish someone would paint over the colors I don't like in our house:)

S said...

It is pretty nice to come home one day and have the old color you couldn't stand be gone.

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