Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh happy day

There are a few nights of the year that stand out as being special. There's Christmas Eve, filled with family and warmth and love. There's the Super Bowl with all its junk food and commercials and beer. There's the NCAA basketball championship game (made all the more special if your team wins, I can assure you). There's July 4th with the massive fireworks displays.

I think Sonic's Free Root Beer Float night has to go on that list. We stumbled on it the first time, not knowing about free float night. We went to get food. Before we'd even ordered, a carhop came up to the window and handed over 2 root beer floats. Instantly, we were happy. Free ice cream has to be one of the most reliable smile-inducements in the world.

Tonight is Free Root Beer Float night. They're going until midnight. If you have a Sonic near you, hop in the car and head on over. I got mine and it was yummy. I've still got 3 hours; I might have to head on over to one (or 3) of the other Sonics in town.

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