Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rachel would be so disappointed

Two very sweet, earnest young women came to my door this evening. Between their innocent smiles, their long, un-styled hair, and their floor-length floral dresses, their mission was obvious. They handed me a brochure from their church, the local evangelical-style Baptist church. They were not interested in talking with me or proselytizing to me; they simply wanted to invite me to their church. Well, maybe they wanted to proselytize a little bit because they did point out that the little pamphlet listed Bible verses that I could use to determine if I am bound for heaven. (I am not.) I thanked them and they were on their way.

Only after I closed the door did it occur to me: it was the perfect opportunity for me to use my new favorite thing, the Godless Huzzah. I totally blew it.


Unknown said...

Thanks for a good laugh. You blew it.

Harley said...

I could never be disappointed in you.

You probably weren't referring to me...

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