Friday, June 26, 2009

Ah, google

Someone found my blog recently by conducting this google search:

"mass public hangings in the 40s"

Huh. I can't really explain how that particular google search led anyone to my blog, as I have never blogged about mass public hangings in the 40s. But now that I've used the exact phrase mass public hangings in the 40s in this post, I guess I should be at the top of the page the next time anyone conducts that search.


kristen said...

I googled it, and yes, you are number one for "mass public hangings in the 40s". And it works if you accidentally miss the "m" in "mass" as well. (for which i'm glad because i wouldn't have wanted to see anything about ass public hangings)

S said...

Ha! It worked! I am now THE foremost internet site for anyone interested in mass public hangings in the 40s.

(I'm only #2 for ass public hangings...)

Unknown said...

And what was the original searcher looking for?

S said...

You know, Erin, I'm not sure I want to know.

Language Lover said...

I have learned that having the word "lover" in my blog title makes me a target for all sorts of interesting Google searches. The most common are "breast lover" and "Latin lover", even though I use the word "breast" only in the context of Spanish anatomical terms, and "Latin" as the ancient language.

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