Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Rachel Maddow is my favorite. While discussing the Sotomayor confirmation hearing schedule, she wrapped up by noting that some Christian group had performed a blessing on the room where the hearings will be held. Ana Marie Cox said she thought that was just fine, as long as people also would not get uptight about a Buddhist blessing or a Muslim blessing or etc. Basically, Ana Marie said, she is all for people blessing each other.

Rachel Maddow interjected that she would like to offer her own form of blessing: a Godless Huzzah.

This could be a very useful expressions. There are lots of situations that are tricky verbally for the atheists. I won't say "God bless you" and I won't offer or agree to pray for you. It's not because I don't want the best for you or I don't want to do all in my power to help you through whatever is prompting the prayer request. It's just that I don't believe in god, so a blessing would be pointless from me and a prayer would not actually express my hopes for you. I have often wondered how I could express well-wishes or a blessing. Now I know.

So from now on, whenever you need a blessing or want prayers or kind thoughts, please know that all my best will come to you in the form of the Godless Huzzah.

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