Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Don't Ask, Just Tell

I never expected to agree with everything President Obama did or said, but there is one way in which I have been highly disappointed. He promised to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Now, he's claiming he doesn't have the power. The Commander in Chief doesn't have the executive authority to issue an order that gays can serve in the military? I'm not really buying that.

Today I learned that Defense Secretary Robert Gates is outlining ways to make Don't Ask, Don't Tell more "humane" by enforcing it selectively.

Mr. President, Mr. Secretary, I have to call BS on that. There is no way to make a ridiculously, blatantly discriminatory policy "humane". Discrimination can never be humane.

I get the idea that maybe they're just trying to ease the military into accepting openly-gay service members. But it's crap. We can't just coddle the people who hold discriminatory views and hold their hands until they get over their prejudice, all the while allowing them to continue discriminating because they're just not quite ready to be fair and open-minded yet. Discriminating against gays simply because they're gay is wrong and it needs to stop, whether the military likes it or not.

It's time for someone with power to stand up and say it that plainly. It's time for the Commander in Chief to, you know, command. I'm looking at you, President Obama.


Anonymous said...

The military is a very stratified society. Obama could order DADT repealed for the enlisted class, and then "study" a repeal for the officer class for another two years.

Lisa Johnson said...

I agree. From the beginning, I was surprised that this policy could ever be seen as fair or non-discriminatory. I'm sure that Obama knows what he needs to do, but he's being pressured. I do believe that he is about change, but unfortunately, sometimes it's just politics as usual.

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