Saturday, April 25, 2009

Retail therapy

Sometimes, you just need a little thing to make your day brighter. Like a new pair of jeans. I'm kind of a jean whore. (And a shoe whore, but that's a different blog post.) Need a quick pick me up? Go buy a new pair of jeans. If you stick to Old Navy, it's a pretty cheap form of retail therapy. (Please, Old Navy, don't go out of business!) But with my recent complete lack of running, trying on jeans is more likely to be a traumatic experience, so I hadn't even thought I would go shopping.

Instead, my afternoon was going to be all about work. But before getting down to work, I had to walk downtown to buy a cup of coffee and pick up a sandwich for lunch. I went to the closet to dig out my weekend jeans. These are the oldest jeans I have right now. They are my absolute fall-backs. They're so soft and comfortably worn-in. They never threaten not to fit. And no matter how in or out of shape I am, they always make me look good. They're magic.

But I didn't find them. Instead, I found a pair of jeans I didn't recognize. I looked at the label. Old Navy flares. Hmm. They must have been my skinny jeans. But no, those are in a drawer, safely tucked away because I know I can't quite get those on right now. Maybe they were my other skinny jeans (the ones I can still sort of wear, but make me look like a muffin top), but they didn't look like quite the right color. And those aren't flares.

So I tried them on. Definitely not either pair of skinny jeans. Button and button hole came together with no complaints. Not too tight. The flare is really quite nice. But I have no memory of these jeans. I couldn't remember buying them. Couldn't remember ever wearing them. So these are just like brand new jeans, but without the expense and without the pain of trying them on in a dressing room.

I guess this is what they mean by going shopping in your closet. Wonder what else I'll find...


lu said...

'They never threaten not to fit' - i love this line. and the one about the button and the button hold threatening not to come together (or not threatening, in your case) - brilliant!

i have one of those old pairs of jeans too, i could comfortably sleep in them they are so cozy. but i am afraid the old navy jeans have never worked for me.

Language Lover said...

If you haven't read the "Shopaholic" series, you must. Fluffy, but delightfully yummy fluff. That was a classic Becky Bloomwood moment you just described.

S said...

Oh, Bear, but of course I have read the Shopaholic books! I'm afraid I could relate a bit too much to dear Becky. (Except I make more money and have fewer credit cards.)

Lu, isn't that the tricky thing about jeans. What works for one of us is all wrong for others. But once I find the one that works, I live in fear that they will go out of business.

Unknown said...

We should have one of those parties where people bring things they don't wear anymore and everybody shops in everybody else's stuff. Does that make any sense? But it would be fun because it includes 1. shopping and 2. wine. Woot woot!

S said...

Ooh, I'm totally in! But you probably would guess that because you know how I love 1) shopping and 2) wine!

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