Friday, April 10, 2009

You'll never brush your teeth the same again!

I have seen a commercial for what will surely be the next "it" item, after the snuggie. It's the Touch 'n Brush. It will revolutionize the way you brush your teeth! It holds any size toothpaste! Just attach it to your bathroom wall, insert your toothpaste, and it will always dispense the paste with no mess, no fuss, no endless squeezing and rolling of the tube.

Phew! Because I've been really consumed with worries about how to dispense my toothpaste. I've been staying up late, unable to sleep, because I can't get the image of toothpaste globs landing on my bathroom vanity out of my head. I really don't know how I've made it to my 30s without this fool-proof invention.

I would love to meet the people who invent items like this. Maybe they just have some minor annoyance in their lives or have a parent who suffers from arthritis or something. So they tinker around in the garage for a few hours one night and come up with some little fix. Then their friends hear about it and think it's really clever. So they go back into the garage to streamline the thing a little, so the friends can have one, too. Then someone gets the idea that they could totally sell this item. But finding the investor to make mass production and sale of an item has to be like finding lightning in a bottle. I wonder how many such inventions never see the light of day. What revolutionary, life-changing items are still just sitting in someone's garage, waiting for that lightning strike?

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