Monday, April 20, 2009


All right, my fellow Kansans, here is important information that you need to have:

Home wine shipments are now legal! Really. Here's the proof. Gov. Sebelius signed the legislation that allows us (of drinking age) to have up to 12 cases of wine shipped to our homes each year. This delights me.

A year and a half ago, I was on vacation in California. My friends and I spent a lovely hour tasting wine at a vineyard. I tasted several wines that I wanted to buy, but I had flown. I inquired about having wine shipped home. I knew that state law had recently been amended to allow me to have wine shipped to a liquor store, but the winery was skittish because for so long Kansas didn't allow any wine shipments to private buyers. The salesman wasn't comfortable taking my word for it that the law was on my side. So, I was stuck buying only the wine I could fit in my suitcase. (Happily, my two bottles made it home unbroken.)

This summer when I go back to California, there won't be any problem. If I find a great little winery that I just love, I can have as much as I want shipped home. Straight to my house! (I guarantee I won't want more than 12 cases.) I will just make sure to print out a copy of the statute.

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Unknown said...

Ummm, I belonged to a wine club and it shipped to my home in Mission. Was I breaking the law? Eeeke.

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