Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Minnesota: State of Confusion

Remember that Minnesota Senate race? Well, Coleman is still not crying uncle. Franken's lead is 312 votes after the latest round of adjustments and recounts. Coleman apparently has every intention of taking his fight to the Minnesota Supreme Court, according to this article. But if I'm reading that article right, Coleman's remaining points of contention could only provide a vote swing of 100 votes. Which wouldn't change the outcome, right? I mean, I'm no math expert (though I did win my school district's 5th grade math bee), but 312 is more than 100.

So if the potential vote swing left out there for Coleman to attack is less than the vote margin, what is the point of continuing to contest the result? In the meantime, his state has been left without full representation in the Senate. After this many months and no change on the leaderboard, maybe it's time for Coleman to pack it up. It's not going to help the state he (allegedly) wants to serve by continuing a futile fight.

And, yes, I would say exactly the same thing if the roles were reversed.


lu said...

i didn't realise this was STILL going on!

and you learn something new everyday - today i learned that there are math bees just like spelling bees, how adorable to imagine little grade five kids doing math problems on a stage!

S said...

I even got a little trophy. My best friend and I went 1-2. We had to do all the math problems in our heads: no pencil and paper. I still remember the question that won it for me: What is 1/2 + 1/3?

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