Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Survivor: Baskervilles

I love this story.

Dog eats baby goats, survives on remote island

A plucky pooch, separated from its owners when she fell overboard in choppy waters, swam five miles to an island, surviving on a diet of wild goats for four months until miraculously being reunited with her family.

It's so very "Incredible Journey". This dog is truly a survivor. Swimming five miles for a human would be a struggle, but for a dog? I have a hard time picturing my dog making it five feet without panicking. According to her owners, Sophie wasn't any less of a pampered house dog than mine is. But somehow she made it. They describe her as becoming ferocious in the wild, eluding rangers who were trying to trap her for months. But when she was finally trapped and reunited with her people, the ferocious dog turned right back into her loving self. She was wiggling and whimpering as soon as she saw them and nearly bowled them over when her kennel door was opened. We know how happy our dogs are to see us when we come home after being at the store for an hour, so we can only imagine what a reunion after four months must be like.

We've all been reading lots of bad news about the economy and mass shootings, so it's nice to read a heart-warming story with a happy ending.

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