Sunday, April 12, 2009


Gideon tagged me, so far be it from me to ignore THE guru of public defender blogs. So while I've been busily working all weekend, I've also been perfecting my list of things that are insanely popular but really suck. You know, the things that everyone claims they like.

1) Harry Potter - Sorry folks, but you've made JK Rowling a billionaire for writing a not-so-great children's book about a boy wizard. I'm convinced peer pressure is the real reason most of you read the books. It really is ok to admit that you're just not interested.

2)Rushing the court/field - Yes, winning is great, but it seems like every college sporting event involves idiot fans rushing the court or field after the game. Act like you've won a game before and expect to win one again, fans. (And once we've put an end to the stupid court-rushing, can we also address the "overrated" chant? It's beyond idiotic to claim that the highly-regarded team your team is beating wasn't really that good.)

3) Ever-longer prison sentences - No one wants to appear soft on crime so no one ever proposes or supports bills that would reduce prison sentences or provide for punishments other than prison. But secretly, we all know that our incarceration numbers in the US are out of control and aren't really doing anything to improve safety or decrease crime rates.

I kinda wanted to add democracy to my list, but I left it off. (Democracy sounds great until we get stuck with 8 years of Bush...) I won't officially tag anyone, but feel free to come up with your own lists.


Meryl said...

As you have not read Harry Potter, you don't get to have an opinion so much....I will say no more, save that I pity you for the fun you're missing out on!

S said...

We've been over this, Meryl. I have read it. Accept the fact that I did not like it and was not interested in reading any of the others.

BellsforStacy said...

Harry Potter is amazing.

Because you're first one is so wrong I think it kind of defuncts the entire list. ;)

Though I think decriminalize drugs would fix #3, at least in part.

Heather said...

I am reading the Harry Potter books right now and I really like them! I will admit, the writing isn't the best in the world, but I like the stories and the characters she's created are loveable and interesting. They aren't books that will make me smarter or a better person, but they are fun and sometimes that's all I want in a book.

Unknown said...

I love Harry Potter. But I hate Twilight.

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