Sunday, April 5, 2009

Play Ball!

The baseball season starts tonight. I'm not really in a baseball mood, though. Right now, it's 38 degrees out, gray, dreary, and windy. Hardly ideal baseball weather. Tomorrow has the potential to be even chillier. On the Royals home opener, the projected high is only 60. It's supposed to be sunny, but still, 60 isn't all that warm when sitting in a ball park for 3 hours.

I really want to be excited about the beginning of baseball season. I have hopes that my Royals could actually be successful this season. Baseball is the first sport I ever followed, my first love if you will. But it's really hard to get into a baseball mood when I have to wear socks and a warm coat.

The Boys of Summer are really supposed to bring that warm weather with them when they migrate north at the end of spring training. Here's hoping the Royals bring the heat soon.

UPDATE: The Royals were scheduled to start their season tomorrow against the White Sox in Chicago. The game has already been postponed to Tuesday out of fear of bad weather, with 2-4 inches of snow predicted. Come on!


Unknown said...

It's cold. I just ran eight miles out there and it's miserable. I still haven't warmed up.

Lisa Johnson said...

The same thing happened to the Red Sox!

S said...

I wish today's game had been snowed out, too.

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