Monday, April 20, 2009

Off on the wrong foot

This morning, I woke up to the realization that I had forgotten to submit my time sheet last Friday. I only have to do time sheets when I actually take time off, so I tend to forget to do them on those Fridays when I actually have taken time. At least I remembered to do it today.

Then I get halfway to meeting my car pool this morning when I realized my phone was still sitting on my kitchen table, where I had left it charging. Ok, it sucks that I wouldn't be able to read my blogs on the ride to work, but I really will survive. I had my ipod and a book, so surely I could still zone out the people around me.

Then I turned on my ipod to see the battery is pretty low. My ipod cord was sitting uselessly in my other purse in my mudroom. Hrmph. But still, not that big a problem because I had enough juice to get me to work and I usually don't need the ipod by the time we leave work to head home. I don't hate the world and its inhabitants at 5 p.m.

So I was settled in on the van, waiting for departure time, listening to my ipod and reading my book when I realized what else was still sitting uselessly in my other purse: my flash drive. Double hrmph. There's no coming back from that. That flash drive has the most current version of everything I'm working on. There's not much point in going to work without it.

So I had to ditch the carpool. I am afraid there was some huffing and maybe a muttered swear word. Now I have to drive myself to work, which means even with my phone in my possession, I can't read my blogs on the drive to work. And it doesn't really matter if I have my ipod cord. But at least I'll have my flash drive by the time I get to work.

I hope this isn't an indicator of how the week will go. It's got to get better, right?


Anonymous said...

Geez, what a tough cell, a low-battery ipod, a missing flash drive, surrounded by human beings that might interfere with your cosmic space, and only a primitive book to keep you company. Gosh, I too would flee...get into my secure and comfy private auto so I could further complain about not being to read comments on my blog while I polluted the atmosphere.

Did you ever think that your high tech world has gotten the better of you? You might kvetch less if you had less.

S said...

So I like my phone and my ipod to help me cope with the world on a Monday morning. And when I'm in a crabby mood because my silly forgetfulness led me to have to pollute the air and waste gas by driving myself to work, I like to vent about it. (Like modern tech or not, the flash drive is critical for me for a work day, so yeah, I really did have to drive myself.)

I guess I could just post critical comments on the blog of a stranger, instead. That seems to be your coping mechanism of choice.

Anonymous said...

No, I simply asked you to consider your lifestyle...and since you seem eminently satisfied, it is obvious that further rumination is not required.

Since none of your posse is joining in to support your little tantrum...perhaps you might find a more constructive means of expressing your frustration.

Have a nice day,

S said...

There are many things about my lifestyle that I might wish to improve, but weaning myself off my ipod and phone aren't really up there. If those are the only things you're using to decide whether I should consider my lifestyle, I would suggest you're not operating with much information at all.

I think a blog post is a most constructive means of expressing my frustration with a Monday morning. Admittedly, this post was nothing more than that. None of my friends have to listen to my whining about silly things and I was done with the whining as soon as I clicked on "publish post". I assume my "posse" knows I was just venting and not looking for any support of any kind.

I like that someone thinks I have a posse.

BellsforStacy said...

You are so not alone! I feel completely vulnerable without my cell phone. And leaving your flash drive at home is tantamount to leave your work computer at home (which I've done, and had to go back for).

Sorry your Monday got started off rough! I hope the rest of the day improved.

Oooh if you have a posse I want in. Like riding with Jesse James!

kristen said...

mondays suck.

S said...

This Monday sucked even worse when I got home. The hospital just sent me a bill for $670. For services rendered when I broke my toe. Almost a year ago! There's no itemization and I never received any notice from my insurance about what portion of the bill would come to me. Mondays suck indeed.

Stacy, of course you can be in my posse!

Anonymous said...

I get it...the comment box is reserved for only agreement and complements. I am delighted that the posse finally came to your rescue.

I am glad you do not really have to speak to a human being to vent...oh brave new world.

S said...

Don't be silly. There's obviously plenty of room in my comment section for folks who get their jollies off of kicking people around when they're having bad days.

Clearly, you don't have human beings to vent to, so I'm glad you've found me. If heckling me provides you the means for expressing your frustration with life, then I guess my bad day served some higher purpose. Yay for that.

Anonymous said...

So glad you could get the last word in although I am not the one with the broken who is kicking whom?

Have a nice day.

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