Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Who's the Biggest Loser?

Ok, it might just be me because I love that show. Yes, I said love. It's pretty inspiring to watch total strangers reveal all their weaknesses on television and work their butts off to change their lives for the better. I love getting workout ideas from Bob and Jillian. I secretly dream of being yelled at by Jillian. I dream of how fabulous my butt would look after a month of being yelled at by her!

I also kind of enjoy the game-play. Throwing weigh-ins to fix the eliminations, that's pretty fun. This season, the queen of game-play has clearly been Vicky. She is up to something every episode, always giving secret little smirks to the camera. She's the evil puppet master and I hate her. (She's also on Bob's team and I tend to root for Jillian's. Nothing against Bob, I just prefer Jill.)

Well, tonight, Vicky the puppet master lost control and I just couldn't contain my glee! She assumed that with 3 black team members against 5 blue team members, as long as 1 black member fell below the yellow line (the two lowest weight-losers each week fall below the yellow line - one of those two get voted off by the rest of them), the blue team would have the numbers to vote off the black member. But Vicky miscalculated. 4 of the blue team members have a tight alliance: Vicky and her husband Brady and their best friends at the ranch, married couple Ed and Heba. But the fifth one is all alone. And she used to be black. So when blue Brady and black Michelle fell below the yellow line, while Vicky assumed Brady was safe, Amy had to think long and hard about what was really in Amy's best interest. Amy knew she was the weakest link on blue and that the rest of the blue team wouldn't hesitate to boot her in favor of one of those four. Amy also knew that if she voted with her two former black team members, the vote would be tied at 3 and Brady would lose the tie-breaker by virtue of having lost the least amount of weight that week.

I was practically yelling at the t.v., begging Amy to do the smart thing, totally shake that evil Vicky, and revive the strength of black by voting with her original team. And she did! Yay! She voted for Brady, which totally shocked the heck out of evil Vicky. And now evil Vicky will be gunning for revenge! But surely black will work to protect Amy now that she protected one of them. It makes me really, really happy. Far happier than I should be made by watching a reality show. I am aware of that, but I am not ashamed. I will hold my head high while admitting my increasing obsession with this show. If being so excited about an elimination on The Biggest Loser that I have to blog about it immediately makes me the biggest loser you know, well so be it. I embrace that loser-ish-ness.


kristen said...

I was doing the same thing as I was watching last night. First, I really didn't want Ed back in. Secondly, I was really rooting for Amy to shake things up. Now I worry that if she falls below the line she's a goner no matter what, but hopefully it will work in her favour.

S said...

I have been delighted as I've been reading tvguide.com and nbc's Biggest Loser message boards today. I am not the only person driven to post about my glee with last night's episode! Tvguide's weekly recap of TBL usually only gets about 20 comments (if that), but they're up to at least 100 today. And every single one of them glad that Vicky was thwarted. Ha!

I think Amy will be safe if she falls below with a blue teammate. But if she falls below with one of the 3 black team women, then she's in trouble. So let's just root hard for a blue team member other than Amy to fall below the yellow line next week!

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