Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Message to my parents

Remember the 2004 Democratic Convention? Remember the keynote speaker? He gave a stirring address, rejecting the politics of division. Urging us to remember that we are not blue states and red states, but the united states. He was young and inspiring and exciting. Remember how we were talking later that year about who might be the Democratic candidate in 2008? I said it would be that speaker. You looked at each other with that "isn't our idealistic daughter cute in her naivete" smile and told me in that "you're too young to REALLY understand politics" tone that it would be someone, anyone, else.

I should have reminded you that I was an accomplished criminal defense attorney, over the age of 30, and had put myself through law school. Oh, yeah, and I had a political science degree from an excellent institution of higher learning. I didn't say any of those things. I let you pat me on the head and pooh pooh my crazy theories. Maybe I even let your claims to superior understanding of all things presidential politics dissuade me from my pick.

Well, Mom and Dad, it's now November 5, 2008. And it gives me tremendous pleasure to utter those four magic words: I told you so!


Language Lover said...

Hahaha, what a sweet victory!

S said...

Indeed! You know I love being right when my Ph.D. in presidential history father said I was wrong! (I believe he's also glad I was right.)

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