Monday, November 17, 2008

Define need

I think I can definitely declare my computer healed. It's been well over 24 hours with no blue screen. This is a good thing. Yep. A really good thing. I really didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a shiny new toy. Nope. I don't need to have the newest, fanciest gadget just to have it. I don't need to keep up with the Jones' with their ipods and their blackberries. (Ok, I may have those things, but because I really needed them. I swear.) I don't need a faster processor and a bigger hard drive. I don't need a built-in webcam.

But I want those things. I really, really want those things. And for a few glorious, frustrating days, I thought I would be able to justify getting those things. But then I had to go and fix my stupid, perfectly good old one. (One corrupted file was causing the whole problem. File disabled means computer works like a champ.) So no shiny, pretty, super thin, new laptop for me.

But while I was at Best Buy scoping out the laptops, I may have wandered over to the flat screen televisions. I didn't know how much cheaper those have become. One can buy a 32 inch flat screen for under $500. And it is basketball season now. Think how great it would be to watch the defending national champion Kansas Jayhawks play in high definition on a shiny new flat screen... (In case you're wondering, my high quality 27 inch television works just fine, as does the 19 inch flat screen in my bedroom.)

My name is S and I'm a shopaholic.


BellsforStacy said...

I had a similar let down about buying a new car. We were to buy a new car over the summer, but then gas prices rose to over $4 a gallon and I couldn't justify getting rid of my perfectly fine, working, low MPG Civic that just happens to also be 11 years old.

I fully expect that when our needs change I will get a new car, but the let down I felt at not getting a shiny new car with all its parts in perfect working order and with a radio who's lights actually come on at night and who's windows can roll down all the way without fear that they'll never go back up ... but it just didn't make practical sense.

I hate the need / want conundrum sometimes. But it's smart people that realize the difference. So you're smart people! :)

S said...

But why can't I be smart AND have a built-in web cam (that I would never use)?

dmarks said...

I think the difference you'd notice on something as low as 32 inches is such that regular-def vs high-def is not that much different.

S said...

So what I'm hearing you say is I should go at least 42 inches? :)

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