Wednesday, November 12, 2008

If I were a Mac, this wouldn't be happening to me, would it?

I do not like the blue screen of death. It makes me angry. Very angry.

I do not like Windows informing me it has recovered from a serious system failure when clearly it has not recovered. Not at all.

I do not like Windows sending me an error report, telling me what I need to do to prevent said system failure from occurring again when that report is clearly full of shit as the error will continue to occur over and over and over again until I want to hurl my stupid, stupid laptop out the nearest window. (I think a window would maximize the pleasing sound value - glass breaking and subsequent loud thud as it hits the ground.)

I do not like being faced with the prospect of having to pay who knows how much money to the stupid techs at Best Buy to fix my computer or having to pay even more money to buy a new computer. I really do not like being faced with the prospect of losing all my saved passwords. I will not know how to pay my student loan payment if my computer dies. I do not know my username or password. My handy-dandy browser remembers all of those things for me. (I am starting to realize what a bad idea that is.)

I guess I shouldn't have been worried that with the election going the way I wanted and the Bush presidency ending, I wouldn't have anything to be angry about.


Blaine said...

Please don't take your computer to the guys at Best Buy. I have a very nice friend who would be more than happy to help you with your computer.

S said...

Well that would be much better! All my computer-knowledgeable friends are far away.

Unknown said...

The previous two years, after switching to a Mac, have been the most trouble-free (as far as computers go) for me in two decades. Just sayin'

And thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, Kerfuffle!


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