Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Case of the Washed-Up Feet

What's up with all the running-shoe-clad feet washing up on the shores of British Columbia? In the past 15 months, 6 severed feet in running shoes have shown up. (There was also a prank shoe that had an animal paw in it, which raises its own set of disturbing questions.) Two of the feet were apparently a match, so that means 5 people are involved. Why are they all wearing running shoes?

They say all of the feet appear to have separated from the bodies naturally, so through the process of decomposition. So it's not like some sick serial killer is cutting off the feet of his victims and then placing them on various beaches. But where are they coming from? Authorities are looking into whether these could be victims of a plane crash. A plane load of runners shouldn't be too hard to track down. But if these feet are washing up through no foul play, why are feet the only body parts that are turning up? If underwater plane crash victims are surfacing, shouldn't we expect to see the occasional hand or a head or maybe even a full body?

The Canadian authorities have tracked down all of the manufacturers of the shoes to pinpoint when and where the exact models were distributed and sold, but they still don't seem to have any leads on an explanation for this bizarre occurrence.

I find this story fascinating and I will continue to pay close attention until they solve this mystery.

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