Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How does an Arizona television station have a 12-minute segment of the videotaped "interview" with that 8 year-old boy accused of murder? They say they got it from the prosecutor's office. What am I missing? It's allegedly a confession tape, so even if they didn't hand over the segment where the "confession" occurred, I still have a problem with them releasing any part of that interview. And there hasn't even been a preliminary hearing yet, so should the state really be releasing its evidence to the media?

But beyond that, it's a case in which an 8 year-old is charged with murder. Aren't juvenile cases in Arizona confidential? I don't do juvenile cases at all, so I don't really know exactly how that aspect usually works, but releasing video tapes to media outlets seems wrong to me.


dmarks said...

I saw this on Fox News. The frequent consultant there, (last name Napalitano, hair like a fur cap) came down pretty hard, saying that whomever leaked it might be charged with a felony, and how the interrogation violates laws in Arizona involving who must be present when the police interview children like this.

S said...

I wouldn't mind seeing someone charged in this. I've commented before that I can't imagine the questioning of the kid was conducted legally. I know there are places where police can't even question a totally unsuspected child witness without a parent or guardian's approval.

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