Sunday, November 16, 2008

Have I conquered the blue screen of death?

I may actually have solved my computer problem. (Knock on wood) Since I thought of this remarkably simple solution, no blue screen of death. (Knock on wood) This is definitely the longest I have gone without seeing the dreaded blue screen of death in quite a while. (Knock on wood)

If this actually proves to be all it takes to make my computer functional again (knock on wood), I might feel pretty stupid for not having thought of it days ago.

So cross your fingers and toes, knock on wood, or do whatever else it is that you do for luck that my computer is once again a healthy beast. I really don't know how to live anymore without a fully-connected computer in front of me at all times so that whenever I need to look up an actor or find movie times or google something or check sports scores, I can do so immediately.

Of course, if I get Christmas money, I might still be tempted to go buy myself a new laptop as I now know I can get one for $700 or so.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you can get really good laptops for that price. Go for it!

S said...


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