Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yes, I'm that competitive

I'll admit it. I want to see the pictures of Osama Bin Laden. Not because I don't believe he's dead. Not because I disagree with the President's reasoning for not publishing them. Not because I just hate the sob and will take pleasure in seeing his brain matter coming out of an eye socket.

No, I want to see them because I'm competitive. People who have seen the photos keep talking about how gruesome they are. Well, I've seen plenty of gruesome photos. More than my fair share. I've seen gunshot wounds and stab wounds. I've seen bodies that were dumped in rivers and I've seen bodies that were buried in shallow graves. I've seen near decapitations and full decapitations. And I've seen fire victims.

So the competitor in me wants to a) prove to Sen. Inhofe and others that I can handle seeing anything without blinking and b) prove that my gruesome photos are way more gruesome.

I don't think this is a normal way of thinking. I probably need therapy.


MoikB said...

'tis normal thinking for a defense attorney.

Meryl said...

I kind of had the same thought. Basically, "Are they really bad? Or are they just bad for normal people?" My guess is you wouldn't flinch and I (because I have less tact when it comes to these things) would crack a joke.

S said...

So we've decided this is normal thinking for defense attorneys. Which means defense attorneys in general aren't normal.

And, Meryl, I will not allow you to think you are any less appropriate or tactful than I am. I'm sure I would crack a joke if I thought of one.

pen said...

I had the same thoughts. It's not just you.

But maybe all PDs need some therapy.

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