Sunday, May 15, 2011

Today is just one of those days. I've been inexplicably crabby and oddly lonely all day. Everything's a little off. I got up before 8 to take the dog out, then went back to bed for an hour or two. Next thing I knew, it was noon. Some days I don't mind sleeping until noon, but today it threw me off. Then the Royals game was rained out, so my plan to watch the game today was foiled. So I went to Target, which is usually my happy place. But even Target was a disappointment today. Pushing a grocery cart with a broken arm is not as easy as it sounds. At least I got a pair of cute shoes for under $8. But that didn't fix the crabby

I did go to Office Depot and buy DragonDictate (product shot). I'm experimenting with it now and I hope this will make writing, both personal and professional, easier in the coming weeks. Though I'm out of the splint, I still can't quite turn my arm to the right angle to type. Plus, my range of motion is ridiculous and I still feel like I can't do anything with that hand. I did knit a whole row the other day, but it was slow-going and I was really sore afterwards. (On a side note, speaking a blog post is an odd experience. I'm not sure how this is going to work out for me.)

I think ultimately this weekend has been off for me because I'm in a period of waiting. Over the past year I feel like I haven't been living so much as waiting for things to happen. But I've actually taken some steps to make things happen of late, but whether those will work out for me is out of my hands at this point. There's really nothing more I can do. And I really suck at waiting. I do hope I hear back soon on at least one of these prospects, because Sunday is usually my favorite day of the week, my day to relax and be by myself (without feeling lonely), and I don't want to see another one ruined the way this one was.

Wish me luck.

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