Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Things that have died on me in the last week

1) My car. The electrical system started to go out on the highway. It managed to limp along until I got to the major street right by the dealership service lot. Somehow, the car was able to coast from the main street several hundred feet until it pulled into the lot. If it had happened in a movie, the audience would have thought, "Oh, please." But that's exactly how it went.

2) My computer. Complete hard drive crash last night.

3) An attorney-client relationship.

Not my best week.

The car has been brought back to life and it only cost me $654.

The computer might not be as hopeless as it appeared last night. It may just be a spam thing designed to make me think I have total hard drive failure so I'll buy something. I'm taking the computer to a friend's house tonight so he can clean it up. Here's hoping that winds up costing me only a couple of beers.

And I'm not stewing about that other thing.

You'd think my mood might have died along with my car and computer, but I can't say I'm in such a crabby place. I could afford the car repairs. I have my iPad to see me through the computer's illness. And I'm really not stewing.

But all the same, I kinda hope nothing else will die on me this week. Do you hear me, TV and air conditioner?

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