Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Arm update

Since I know you all have been dying to know, my arm is doing quite well. I'm now out of the splint and in a sleek black wrist guard. A removable wrist guard! Which means real showers with no plastic bags or Saran wrap. And no wardrobe limitations. These are very exciting things.

My doctor's staff doesn't think I'll have much of a noticeable scar, which is a bummer. And many of my friends are bummed that there is no cast for them to sign. But those bummers aside, I can't complain.

Well, yes, I can because reading anything but magazines or hard back books is a hassle. And knitting is slow and painful, so I just don't do it. And driving isn't much fun. (Unfortunately, I have to drive 2 hours one way for work tomorrow all by myself. I'd better pick a good radio station because one-armed driving makes channel surfing rather treacherous.) Oh, and the adhesive glue they put on my incision stinks.

But I'm managing. I can free my arm from the wrist guarded times (though it's still more comfortable to keep it on). I have much greater range of finger motion (though typing with my left hand is still not really happening). My office found me a dictation device that will turn my audio files into text, which should make finishing my outstanding briefs much easier. And I can hold up to a pound in my left hand. Woot! That may not sound like much, but being able to grab a paper towel or hold a key ring with the free hand makes life a lot easier.

I have my eye on an obstacle run at the beginning of August. That may be overly-optimistic (it involves a monkey bar obstacle), but I'm gonna shoot for it anyway.

And next time I go roller skating, I will wear my wrist guards! Maybe.

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mellancollyeyes said...

Ugh so sorry to hear about your injury!! I feel your pain--being unable to use your arm blows... I dealt w/ that last year. Hope you feel better soon!

S said...

It is doing better every day. I can type more and more and I'm even able to knit some. Still can't carry anything over a pound, though. I'm just so happy I bypassed the cast stage so I can take a proper shower!

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