Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shame on you, Arnold.

Cheating on your wife is bad. Cheating on her with a trusted employee (and maybe member of the household, I'm not clear on that point) is really bad. Impregnating your mistress while your wife is pregnant with your 4th child is super bad. Arnold has a lot of strikes against him, clearly.

But the absolute worst part? It is starting to sound like this poor kid had to grow up without a dad. The housekeeper's husband left the marriage within 2-3 weeks of the child's birth. And Arnold has been paying child support all along. So I would guess it's not terribly likely the ex-husband played much of a role in the kid's life, if any at all.

I was prepared to let Arnold off the hook for not acknowledging his son if the kid was being raised by the husband who everyone presumed was the dad. But now, I'm inclined to think he's a giant schmuck. Really, screw around all you want and I'll just think you're skeezy and not nearly good enough for a classy woman like Maria. But allow your own child to grow up without a father to protect your own image and political chances and I will think you are about the lowest form of scum. This kid didn't do anything wrong and deserved to have a dad. It makes me absolutely sick to think of anyone treating his own child like that.

I really hope I'm wrong and that this kid did have a dad growing up, if not one to attend ball games, at least one to talk to once in a while. Not because I want to think better of Arnold but because I just can't stand the thought of a kid being left to his own devices (along with a single mom) because it would have been inconvenient and awkward for his dad to admit being his dad.


Meryl said...

That, absolutely.

But I'm also sorta pissed that he had Maria telling the world he was a wonderful human being and the (earlier) women who were making allegations against him were liars and hoochies. (Of course, Maria said it with much more class than that.) I hate it when public figures knowingly let their spouses lie for them like that. Arsehole!

S said...


kristen said...

I haven't been following the story all that much- but I agree. Sound's like he was being one of those "girlie-men" he so up Arnie!

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