Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another arm update

My incision is almost entirely healed. I'm now allowed to lift up to 5 pounds with my left arm. I can type and knit quite comfortably. And my black wrist guard that I am still required to wear whenever I'm out and about or sleeping is at least black, not hideous-looking, and doesn't smell or have stains.

But my range of motion is still generally sucky, though apparently not abnormally so. More importantly, though, my bone shows more signs of osteoporosis than the doctor would hope to see at this point. Obviously, some weakening of the bone is to be expected as a side effect of disuse, but he seemed concerned that mine was weakening more than it should. (And here I was worried I'd been using the arm too much.) So he has put me on a strict dairy diet and lots and lots of vitamin supplements.

So far, I'm really objecting to being ordered to drink whole milk lattes. ;-) [end sarcasm] I have been asking for skim milk in my lattes for years, simply because I try not to drink my calories. But in just two days, I'm reminded just how much better they taste when made with whole milk. (Sorry, 2%, but you don't even factor into the discussion.) I'm already sad about the prospect of going back to skim milk in a few weeks.

I'm pretty sure this diet might also require me to eat cheesecake, fettucine alfredo, and all sorts of other, lovely food items loaded with whole milk, cream, and cheese. Feel free to offer suggestions of your favorite calcium-loaded foods.

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