Friday, August 20, 2010

Things I miss

1) Having someone to pull my right cowboy boot off.  (It's cut just a little tighter than the left one and is a tad hard for me to remove.)

2) Having someone bring me dinner when I'm in the final throes of brief-writing.  (Really, there reaches a point where I need someone to step in and take care of me because I get so wrapped-up, I don't take care of myself.)

3) Oral argument.  (I haven't argued a case in over 2 years, which really sucks because I'm really good at it.)

4) Sex.  (Sorry for the over-share, but it's my blog, dammit.)

5) Having someone around who knows me THAT well and still likes me.  (This one will at least temporarily be remedied next weekend.  Yay for hanging with Andres!)

6) Football.  (Oh, but wait, there's at least pre-season football on tonight!  I won't be missing this one too much longer.)

7) LOST.

8) Being in a good mood and enjoying life.  (I hope to put some serious time and attention into this one next week.  Not much point in trying to be in a good mood when I'm in the final throes of brief-writing.)

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