Sunday, August 1, 2010

Deadline season is not my favorite

Work deadlines are a very bad time for me.  No matter how much work I have done on my case up until this point, the last two weeks before the deadline are consumed with nothing but work.  Well, that's not entirely true.  There's a lot of sitting on my couch, not engaging in social activities with friends because "I have to work", but not actually working either.  What is it about being so close to done that makes it so very hard to actually finish?

This particular weekend, I have only  had actual conversations with two people, and they were at the same time when two friends and I went out for dinner.  I don't think idle chit-chat with the Starbucks barista or the Target cashier counts.  I could have gone to a taco bar on Friday.  But, no, I had to work.  I could have gone to play trivia this evening.  But, no, I had to work.  I have cloistered myself all freaking weekend, talking far too much to my dog, and for what?  I have precious little product to show for all my "work."  I could have this all done if I could just somehow make myself focus.  But, no, I have to be the world's biggest procrastinator and delay the inevitable of just finalizing my issues.  It doesn't help that while the grand principles of law in my case should be on my side, the actual application by appellate courts of those grand principles is decidedly less grand.

I hate, hate, hate deadline time.

I just have to remember that in less than a month, this will be long over and I will be attending a fabulous Crowded House concert with three fabulous people.  (Oh, and apparently having my life changed by a day at a Korean spa.)  But in the meantime, the next week will suck.

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