Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another Saturday morn*

My least favorite part of being single after years of coupledom?  Saturday mornings.  Saturday nights generally aren't a problem because I can usually find somebody to play with.  Gatherings where everyone else is coupled off aren't my favorite, but they're still not nearly as bad as Saturday mornings. 

Gone are the days of putting the dog on the leash and strolling downtown for morning coffee, the farmer's market, and breakfast.  Maddie can no longer come with me to get my coffee because there's not a coffee shop in town that will let a dog inside.  (Go figure.)  For years, I've been advocating a coffee cart or a coffee shop with a walk-up window, but I haven't prevailed on that, yet.  So the new Saturday morning ritual is for the mad dog to get all excited as she sees me getting dressed and putting on shoes.  She runs around, sure she's getting to go out.  Then comes the awful moment when she realizes she doesn't get to come.  She doesn't get to come to the farmer's market, either, because it's too hard to control the dog while shopping.

Most mornings, I get to the farmer's market and quickly lose all interest in being there as I see all the couples with their dogs who are enjoying their Saturday mornings.

So, I think this will be a good measuring stick for healing.  When I really enjoy a Saturday morning again, that'll be a good sign.

*With apologies to Cat Stevens.  "Another Saturday Night" is one of my favorite songs.

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