Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ok, so we knew about Bill Self...

but now it appears that he is not the only brilliant sports mind in the region. While no one was looking, Dayton Moore has quietly put together the wickedest bullpen in baseball. Watch out, folks, 'cause the Royals are contenders this year. And today we have confirmation that Scott Pioli is quite the negotiator. I'm not quite sure what he has on Bill Belichick, but he must have some blackmail material. Or else he's just that persuasive to score a starting QB and a starting LB, a defensive captain and leader, for one measly second round draft pick. That's got to be a felony.

Maybe I'm just naive and hopelessly optimistic, but I'm feeling pretty good about the Royals and the Chiefs these days.

And, just in case you hadn't noticed, the defending national champion Kansas Jayhawks are once again in first place in the Big 12, in the driver's seat for their 5th consecutive Big 12 title. This even though they lost all 5 starters from that championship team. Which is why I will say again that Bill Self is the best coach in college basketball.

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