Monday, February 23, 2009

Bill Self is the best coach in college basketball. In case you hadn't noticed.


Heather said...


I want one of those shirts I've seen downtown that says "I've got a crush on my Self."

Erin said...

Dur. :)

Anonymous said...

I was questioning KU's choice when they hired him. Not questioning as in "This guy sucks" but just questioning as in "How could we ever replace Roy Williams. Bill Self's coaching job has put that to rest. I think there are great arguments for both Roy and Self on who is the better recruiter. But you need only watch the games to see who is the better X's and O's coach. While Roy sits there and prays that his team will work through the other team's run, Bill is burning timeouts (See KU vs. KSU and KU vs. OU), switching defenders (See KU switching Collins to Willie in OU game), and changing defensive intensity (See KU vs. KSU - the defense put on Denny Clemente). Self gave his kids a chance to win, by killing the opponent's runs, and eventually went on their own runs (3 of them to be exact). Roy knows how to recruit but Self knows how to recruit and coach.

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