Monday, February 16, 2009


The giant, intricate, all-consuming knitting project that has occupied almost every moment of my free time for the last 2 months is done! Well, I haven't blocked it and I have to weave in my ends, but it's off the needles. Every stitch is stiched. 147 stitches per row, 252 rows. This project required 6 skeins of yarn to be involved for the majority of the project. My fingers are cramped from the final push I just did to get it all done tonight.

This large project had gotten to a point where I could barely fit it all into my knitting bag, which seemed quite spacious when I bought it. But now, the bag feels light even though I've already put 3 little projects into it.

I do not resent any of the work that went into it, though, because I know the dear friend for whom I made it will appreciate all of the love and labor in the gift. I'm really quite proud of myself. This was a crazily ambitious project for a pretty novice knitter to take on, but it came out looking pretty damn good if I do say so myself. I'll post a picture, but I have to wait until my friend receives it. She should get to see it first.


Anali said...

I can't wait to see it!

And I hope that everything gets resolved with your pay. I think I heard something on the news about that. Missing a check is really not fun. When I was first laid off, it took 6 weeks before I received my unemployment. Very painful.

S said...

It really does look pretty good, and will look even better once I block it and weave ends.

I think the current pay crisis has been resolved. The governor signed the dang bill, but using the line-item veto on education cuts (the major sticking point). We were a little worried the Rs in the legislature would be ticked about that veto and continue to withhold the funds transfer, but I'd guess after a day and a half of angry phone calls from state employees, they have realized any further chicken-playing would be unwise.

So I should get paid on Friday. And believe me, as much of that money as possible will go straight into my savings account! Forget about stimulating the economy. I'm going to hoard, hoard, hoard!

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