Monday, February 9, 2009

My poor, sweet pup. Yesterday, it was clear she was not feeling quite right. She was actually shaking, but being a dog and all, wasn't able to tell us what was wrong. She seemed just fine this morning, perky as usual. I was going to meet my carpool and head to work as normal. Until I accidentally bumped into her tail. The yelp, tail-tucking, and trembling let me know she was not just fine.

The vet's conclusion: somehow, the poor thing broke her tail. Her previous owners had her tail docked, so it's just a little nub. I have no idea what she did to it. We didn't bother with an x-ray to confirm the diagnosis because there's nothing they can do for her other than pain pills and time.

If anyone has any suggestions for how to keep a happy, tail-waggin' dog from wagging her tail (other than being mean to her), please let me know.


ADA said...

Depends where the break is but I know that a wad of cotton wool placed carefully around the broken area splinted by two tongue depressors and then bandaged in place for as long as possible and re-done as necessary has healed a normal length broken tail. Best done by the professionals.
Or the alternative to the tail being broken, could there be a neuroma on the docked tip which is causing pain?

S said...

The tail is quite docked so I'm not sure there's even enough substance to splint to.

Neuroma is a new word to me. Would that always just be a benign tumor? The vet did not mention this, so I hope that means when she felt the tail, it didn't feel like a tumor. I will keep that in mind, though, because we're going to reevaluate the need for an x-ray in a week or so. Maybe I'll be more likely to do an x-ray with this possibility in mind.

S said...

Ok, now I've read up on Neuromas from tail docking. Thanks for that tip, ADA! I guess there's not much that could be done about that, either, except to remove even more of her tail. Yeesh, I really hope the vet is right to think there's a fracture that will eventually heal instead of a nerve problem that might never stop. She did say what she felt was consistent with a fracture.

I never understood tail-docking, but after just a few minutes of reading today, I see no reason for doing it. Especially not for a house pet.

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