Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In keeping with the intellectual tone I strive to achieve on this blog, I thought my readers would find this story sufficiently edifying.

My personal favorite muppet is Rowlf because who doesn't love a blues-singin', piano-playin' dog. And he reminds me of my own sweet, shaggy dog, who I call my muppet. I love that he was a television sidekick. Seems entirely appropriate for him.

Having been raised by an Iowa gal, I can totally see Miss Piggy coming from that fine state.

I am glad they dropped the name Snarl for Gonzo. Whatever he is, he is definitely more Gonzo than Snarl. Likewise, Grover is a better name than Gleep. The overarching lesson here seems to be that the Muppet powers that be should never stop with the first name they think of.

And I did not know that Waldorf had a wife named Astoria. I'm fairly confident Statler would respond by sarcastically expressing surprise that Waldorf had a wife at all.


Dan said...

Why surprised, he's a broken, bitter old man. Of course he's married.

I think I remember the Muppet Show episode where the wife appears: It's just Waldorf in a dress. Freaky.

S said...

But, Dan, you're married and you're not a broken, bitter old man! Of course, you're married to a lovely woman. Perhaps if you were married to Waldorf in a dress, you'd be a different story.

Kylie said...

Oh my. That was the article I read last night instead of reading the news about the world. I loved it. I also went to Mental Floss to name the 8 Muppet Babies in 5 minutes...And guess what, I could totally do it. S, we have so much in common.

S said...

I would expect two educated intellectuals like ourselves would have loads in common!

Anonymous said...

So charming...glad public defenders have a real life and can enjoy the whimsy of such a charming life of kvetching about sick dogs and deconstructing the Muppets.

And to think that some say that young people have no goals or values.

S said...

I'm really touched that my little blog has charmed you, so I'll let you decide: should my next post be about rainbows, butterflies, or my knitting circle?

Oh, and my dog is feeling much better, thanks for asking. Her pain level has definitely gone down. Her rear end, though, is rather itchy where the vet had to shave it to check her out.

I was not aware anyone said young people had no goals or values. What a strangely negative view to take of the age group that provides most Olympians (with the notable exception of Dara Torres, who rocks it at 41) and that played such a pivotal role in November's presidential election. I guess my charming whimsy is showing itself in optimism about the next generation.

Anonymous said...

I gather that for one you have never read George Bernard Shaw...of course, who ever Dara Torres is, she must be far more relevant.

Perhaps you could come out of the shallow end of the pool. Surely your pricey education was good more than capriousness.

S said...

George Bernard Shaw? Forgive me for not knowing the reference, but in fairness, I only think two or three times a year.

I don't know why you think my pricey education should be good for more than capriciousness. A university education was designed for a fool's brain.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, the proof is in the pudding...I certainly hope I never need your services since incarceration would certainly follow your litigation.

In contrast, to a fool's brain, I prefer fool's gold, it is so much more attractive.

S said...

Surely someone of your surpassing intellect has sufficient resources to hire a lawyer with vastly superior skills to my own. With my whimsical charm and fool's brain, I truly do little more tilt at windmills in my practice of law.

Anonymous said...

For once, we are in agreement. I've enjoyed our dialogue.

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